Here’s Why and How You Can Make the Most Out Of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It all starts with the ‘why’ – why should you even bother to make the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Well, apart from the biggest sale there is, there is just so much profit potential for businesses that web designers can be of most help on. It is all about marketing – how will you manage to help your clients entice customers to visit their online shop of all the options out there?

Why should you even participate considering it’s almost the holiday season? Well, it helps to just consider one fact – one out of three Americans shop during these days. Do you now see the numbers increasing? Apart from this, BFCM is a good opportunity to actually promote your website more, increase the number of visitors even on normal days, and sales will surely go up.

It’s never that easy though and you’ll have to be extra careful in planning your BFCM marketing strategy. Some businesses even plan ahead and consider this in their annual strategic planning – that’s how big these two events are. But it all starts somewhere, right? Here’s a simple guide for the newbies –

Make that Landing Page Stand Out

When we talk about emphasizing these events, then your website should have a customized landing page just for these. You may want to consider a different page that highlights your items on sale, promo periods, and redemption guidelines, just like how Pandora did theirs.

If say you don’t have much time to present a whole page with the limited time that you have, you can always do it more simply. Present the products on sale and the corresponding discount applicable. You can get some inspiration from Adidas.

Your Advertising Banner Matters

During these big sales, we almost always see that very appetizing countdown that leaves a mark on your visitors. Countdown widgets are there to make your visitors know when to come back and make them plan ahead on what to buy so make sure not to miss putting one.

You have to take extra time in changing specific elements and themes as this will make your banner stand out from the usual elements that appear on your website. See how made sure to use distinct colors and symbols.

There’s nothing more straightforward but being in theme, and one way is to use the right marketing colors. It’s Black Friday so this is the best time to use a theme that generally has that black accent. You can never mislead your customers by doing this. See how Mango made the most out of this technique and just resulted in something very elegant.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

You don’t want to miss any potential customers and you can only do this by making sure your website is accessible anytime, anywhere. With this, it’s a must to make your design, advertising banners, and overall layout mobile-friendly, as you don’t just want to target those at home and have all the time in the world waiting for the sale to begin but also those who are on the road, working, and even those who will need to run some errands during those days.

Consider that almost half of the shoppers will look through the shops using their mobile phones so make sure to choose the right layout and update your mobile app to reflect all the changes you’ve made. Also, make sure that functionality and user-friendliness are as efficient as the web version, and buyers’ will get that eCommerce fulfillment.

Plan Ahead

You may not be able to participate in this year’s BFCM but you’ll surely lose a lot if you don’t plan for the next. What can you do? Well, it’s best to have that portfolio in place, try out some designs, and get in touch with some clients as early as know. There’s a huge competition out there so you don’t want to miss out on such an opportunity to earn and grow that sales.

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