Help Is Here  Indispensable Web Tools for Student Entrepreneurs

Help Is Here: 5 Indispensable Web Tools for Student Entrepreneurs


If you are a student planning to launch a startup or already have an operating enterprise, you should know that being a young entrepreneur isn’t a piece of cake. 

With so many tasks, chores, and challenges going on, it can be hard to stay on the right track. To complicate matters, you are still a student, which means you may not have as much time and resources as other entrepreneurs do.

How can you ensure success? To do this, you will need the help of some handy tools, and we are going to tell you which tools exactly you should use!

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Let’s start with the obvious – even if you have already launched your own business, you are still a student. And this means that no matter how busy you are, you can’t give up on your studies. If you focus all your energy and effort on running a business, your academic performance can drop, causing lots of unpleasant consequences. 

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As a student entrepreneur, you want to ensure that all your core tasks are being performed right on time. So, you need a tool to keep track of everything.

One of the best options out there is Trello. It is an essential tool for staying organized no matter how much is going on. And it is free of charge!

With Trello, you can create boards dedicated to your projects and create task cards. There are plenty of additional features that enable you to set deadlines, upload files, share comments, and much more. Trello can be used for a variety of purposes. Be sure to give it a try!



While there is a common belief that gadgets make us less connected, there are some tools that actually help you stay connected with your entire team at all times. We are talking about messengers that come in all shapes and kinds. And a good messenger is another tool every student entrepreneur needs.

Today, there are many sorts of messengers meant to make our day-to-day communications simple and effective. Thus, it can be easy to get lost among options. However, there is one option that is most preferred by startups and companies. 

It is Slack, a convenient, effective, simple-to-use, and user-friendly communication app. It allows users to create multiple channels for group discussions. And there is also a private conversation feature. 

This messenger will help your whole team stay connected at any time. And there are lots of great additional features such as notifications, file exchange, synchronization on all devices, and integration with other apps like Skype, WordPress, or other.



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When starting a company, you will need many specialists to set on the right track. Web-designers, copywriters, marketers – these and many other people are needed to get your business running.

It is great if you already have a dream-team. But, what if you don’t? Hiring a full-time professional may be way too expensive for a startup, which is why you may want to opt for freelance specialists. And that’s where Fiverr will definitely come in handy!

At Fiverr, you can discover talents from different industries, who will be delighted to help you with all sorts of tasks. With this tool, you can get everything you need for the successful operation of your enterprise, without having to hire full-time staff. And you can get the needed services quite cheaply, which is a huge advantage.



At the very beginning of your startup, you will probably rely a lot on customers’ and prospects’ feedback to understand what your target buyers need. Most likely, you will be doing lots of surveys for this purpose. If so, Typeform is one more cool tool you need!

Typeform helps users create top-notch surveys with ease. With this tool, you can ensure that your surveys don’t look boring, which will make them hard to pass by!


The Bottom Line

Launching a startup while still being at college is a fun and exciting thing to do. Not only it is a way to earn some money and build your first, full-fledged business, but it is also a chance to gain new, valuable life experience. 

At the same time, we have to admit that being a student entrepreneur is also hard. That is why young entrepreneurs simply can’t do without some handy tools. Hopefully, this article will help you find what you need for success!

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