25 Free Typography Tools for Web & UI Designers

Nowadays, the visual output of a website is what sells it. This is why typography tools are essential for every designer. It may not be too obvious but the typeface is what creates the character of the website. Web fonts create attraction between the website and the reader, it adds value and depth to the text. Typography could also affect the overall user experience of a website, particularly readability. Faulty typography and styling can push away audiences no matter the quality of the content.

Here are a few typography tools that could help designers in design:

Tools and libraries for unique Typefaces

Many web designers have a short, specific list of go-to typefaces when creating web pages. These are typefaces and fonts that they know work well and are easy to work around with. However, there are times when the client wants unique typefaces that are not often used in web design. There are several libraries and resources online for unique typefaces.



Google Fonts



fontello icons webfont free library

Create your own Typeface with these tools

Some designers want to captivate the individuality of the client and incorporate their persona into the design. This is why tools that help in creating glyphs and typefaces are very common nowadays. Some allow the use of a user’s handwriting or drawing. Other tools allow the creation of digital typefaces.




bit font maker webapp creating fontface

Typography Tools for Design

Designing and styling typography does not just end with typefaces. Sometimes, designing a website is also about choosing which fonts work well together. Some tools allow designers to visualize the color, weight, and size of fonts against backgrounds. Sometimes, designers could get inspired by a font combination they see on another page. There are browser extensions and resources that help in figuring out what fonts these are.


Colors and Fonts



Fonts Ninja



Font Joy



tiff typography font testing webapp tool

Typography and Website Dev (some paid)

On a much more technical level, there are coding considerations when dealing with typography. There are tools and open source apps available online to help bridge the gap between typography design and development.





Typography Exercises

Having the ability to create great typography combinations, styling, and design can be a talent. But sometimes, additional training won’t hurt anybody. In fact, it could improve any designer’s skill in creating the best typography fit for any UX design style. Exercises could also improve a designer’s confidence in decision making.



Thinking with Type

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