Fall Leaves and Pumpkins: Design Inspiration for the Season

The autumn season is almost here and there is no better way to warm up to it than fall leaves and pumpkin-inspired designs. We are seeing a lot of red and orange hues every fall and it makes internet users feel warmer as the air becomes colder. Different website elements could be designed with fall leaves and pumpkins, a different take than the normal Halloween motif. Nothing homier than fall-inspired web design.

Here are a few inspiring autumn design elements featuring fall leaves and pumpkins:

Fall-Inspired Landing Pages

The image below shows a simple landing page design featuring fall leaves. It is very simplistic and features different hues of red and orange. The inclusion of a script-like typeface adds sophistication to the design.

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Why rabbits? Well, in some parts of the world (particularly in Asia) there is such a thing as the Moon Rabbit. In Asian folklore, the Moon Rabbit is a common symbol for the Mid-Autumn festival. This is a celebration of the full moon and the full harvest.

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In the West, on the other hand, autumn is connected to a full dinner spread in celebration of Thanksgiving. Pumpkin-flavored drinks, snacks, and desserts are always heartwarming. This landing page design shows just how much autumn feels like home.

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Fall leaves and Pumpkin-Inspired Banners

Thanksgiving, besides Christmas, is one of the best holidays to spend with family. This is why the Thanksgiving holiday is always an important event every year. This adorable hand-drawn Thanksgiving banner is both simple and elegant at the same time.

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Fall Designed Web Layout

One of the most satisfying things about autumn is how beautiful nature truly is. It gives everyone an appreciation of the outdoors where the temperatures are not too hot or too cold for an outing. This is best exemplified in the sample web layout below.

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No better way to enjoy autumn than to enjoy walks to school with falling leaves all around.

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Heart Warming Sale Notifications

The sale notification below is very minimalistic and red. How the different shades of grey and white contrast with the red give a subtle autumn season appeal.

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Cute Fall Leaves and Pumpkin Backgrounds

The Autumn season isn’t always about reds and oranges, the addition of blues gives it a more artistic look. What is more beautiful than fallen leaves? Fallen leaves in clear water.

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Autumn and Thanksgiving is nothing without pumpkin pie, cinnamon cakes, and caramelized apples.

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

This background features cute drawings of fall leaves. This background shows the perfect autumn color palette.

Background vector created by freepik –

The background below is great for galleries and showcases. It may look overdesigned but the simple line drawings of leaves make it look less cluttered.

Background vector created by freepik –

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