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Blogs to Read to Keep You Updated with the Latest Web Development Trends

What better way to learn about the latest trends than to read web development blogs, right? The web development industry is ever-growing. Devs would always see new updates, technologies, trends, and news on the daily. Since the industry sees never-ending growth, even seasoned designers and developers need to be on their toes to keep up with all the latest developments.

Here are some of the best tools and web development blogs to read to keep you updated with the latest trends:

Daily Dev

Daily.dev is not actually a blog or a website, instead, it is a browser add-on. The concept of the Daily Dev is to collect all the latest news related to coding, then filter it. Users may choose to search based on topic, by age, or by popularity. This plug-in is completely free and is available for multiple browsers. This add-on collects news from all web development blogs and websites and puts it in one easy-to-access platform for readers.

Just like in any platform, there is a feed that would show the user all the latest news. This newsfeed is dependent largely on the search behavior of the user, similar to how algorithms on sponsored ads work in other platforms. This is a great plug-in to have to make sure that you are always up-to-date with the latest.

CSS Tricks 

The website does not necessarily have multiple posts in a day, but, surely, its readers will have something new to read every day. The website does not teach CSS tricks literally, where there are tutorials and courses. Instead, it teaches skilled web developers the newest found ‘tricks’ or solutions to the latest problems.

It is a decent web development blog to follow as it is not so overwhelming with too much information. The problem with this website, however, is that it is specifically only for CSS-related news and developments.

Info World

Info World is one of the best web development news blogs to read as it takes a more general approach to web development. It covers all topics in almost every language. The problem with this news blog is that it is not very friendly for beginners as information can get pretty technical. This is why it is great for skilled and seasoned web developers. It discusses the latest tools, the newest trends, and the like.

Web Dev

This website is run by Google and is a great resource for web optimization. Just like Info World, it takes a general approach to web development and does not stick to a specific programming language. Again, the stuff could get pretty technical and complex from the get-go and could be less friendly for entry-level readers. However,  all skilled and seasoned developers can learn a huge deal from following this blog.

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