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3 Creatively Designed Forums and Bulletin Boards

The process of designing a website can be long and arduous. Typical static content websites are more of the bread-and-butter layouts we see every day. However, there are plenty of more detailed examples involving message boards, forums, and other social communities.

In this gallery, I’ve put together 35 screenshots of well-crafted bulletin boards for designers. Building a forum template requires lots of pre-planning to get the whole layout looking good. If you see which techniques other designers have used, it may provide a blueprint for starting your own project from scratch. Take a look over some of these designs and see which interfaces tend to stand out from the crowd.

Android Central

Cartoon Network Asia

Logic Pro Forum

Comic Vine

SpongeBuddy Mania


DTV Forum

Home Theater Forum

CrackBerry Forums

Ubuntu Forums


Eyes on FF

Nintendo Life Forums

Magical Kingdoms


Serenes Forest

Toon Boom Forums

Pixar Planet

Nvidia Developer Forums

HTML5 Game Dev Forums

Discuss Cooking

Photoshop Gurus

Chip Music

Fiverr Forum

Windows Forum



Drift Community


IWC Collectors Forum

Omega Forums

Webflow Forum

Section Eighty

Muut Communtiy

Community Page

This post was originally published in February 2014; updated May 2021.

The post 3 Creatively Designed Forums and Bulletin Boards

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