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18 Websites with Cool Patterned Backgrounds

Website design trends change so fast, sometimes it is hard to follow. Patterned backgrounds have existed since website design started to be considered in developing webpages. These are usually basic and add style to an otherwise plain white background. Interestingly, patterned backgrounds are becoming popular again in recent years but have taken a more modern style. Here are some examples of cool patterned backgrounds you can use for inspiration:

A Pattern of Flowers

White flowers on a plain mustard background are not only cute but also romantic. It gives a calming feel to the website. It is a good idea of presenting a cafe pretty well.

Cafe Friday

Lines and basic shapes

These are basic designs and patterns but it gives a really edgy and minimalistic feel to a website.

Letters, Inc. 

Dotted Doodles

To fill in the empty spaces between the doodles, the designer used spiraling dots. This is not too overwhelming but brings the artwork together.


Vintage Graphic Look

Using maroon and gold together always gives a vintage feel to a design. It is a delightful take to presenting an icecream brand.

Sweet Magnolia Gelato

Cool Bubble Pattern for the Bubbly

What is cool about this website is that whenever the user scrolls down, the background changes into a variety of patterns.


Comic Style Patterns

The only color that could be seen in this image is the word “Good” and it contrasts really well with the sand-colored background.


Colorful and Simple Background

Although there is no specific pattern, the colorful circles in the background give an artistic vibe to the website.

Cultural Solutions UK

Wood Patterned Background

Sometimes, realistic patterns like rocks or wood is a good addition to a dull website.

Sheldon Farm Baskets

Black and White Lines

The Echo Website tests the contrast of white lines on a black background and black lines on a white background. It is a really interesting design. However, looking at it too long is not that great.

Echo UK

Cute Octonaut Character Background

Why not design a pattern with the cute Octonaut characters?


Fish Background for a Fish Restaurant

What better way to design a seafood restaurant than a patterned background of fish.

Kaneang Pier Restaurant

Pattern of Squares

This is a really basic, 90s nostalgia design.

Mariano Pascual

Black, White, and Stars

There is no specific pattern to this website, but the pencil-like doodles on a white background look sleek.

Image source: Eat Genesis

Eat Genesis

3D Hues

The lighting contrast on the background gives it a 3D look.

The Year of Greta

3D Forest Background

Although it is not a pattern, the 3D map background of a forest is a clear sign of ingenuity.


Notepad Style Pattern

Black and white “sketch” design on a gridded paper background.

They Make Apps

Imagine Sound Waves

What is cool about this music website is that the moving background makes you imagine waves beating along with the sound.

Feed Music

Cool Neon Doodles

Neon colors can make any doodle look cute and unique.


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