Learn about the Newest Photoshop AI Features

Adobe has just announced its newest Photoshop AI features for version 22.0 and everyone is excited! This is not the first time that artificial intelligence has taken center stage in the world of editing.  In fact, Adobe is admittedly not the first to introduce AI features in its software. However, Photoshop is one of the most famous image-editing tools in the market that having new AI features such as this is definitely a big leap forward. 

Taking photo editing to a whole new level

Just imagine taking less time to edit images and focusing more on creating a better website for your viewers? Why not let the computer do all the editing for you – fit to your taste and requirements plus editable with just toggle switches and slide adjusters. We are not just talking overlays or color adjustments here, we are talking deeper and more advanced tools. Here are two of the newest:

Photoshop AI Feature: Sky Replacement Tool

Adding color to a previously black-and-white image is becoming a trend recently. Adobe Photoshop used machine learning to allow the software to identify both background and foreground of an image, in just a few clicks. The software also provides a selection of preset sky backgrounds. Once a preset sky is chosen, the coloring of the entire photo is automatically adjusted to match.

Photoshop AI Feature: AI Edge Selection

A more polished object selection tool is added to the latest version of Photoshop. Compared to the previous version of this (comparable to the Magic Wand Tool), users could simply drag a box around an object and the software will automatically select the borders of the object. This could range between the simplest to the most complicated of shapes.

Photoshop AI Features: Neural Filters

This is what Photoshop seems to be most proud of. It was developed through machine learning of thousands of photographs, Photoshop has developed what they call “neural filters”. These will allow users to create alterations to an image with just a few clicks and actions. Designers have done these edits in the past by spending a couple of hours to reach the perfect edit, now it could be done in less than a few clicks. Although some of these could be quite creepy to an extent, these “neural filters” take photo editing on a much more in-depth level. Here are some of its interesting features:

  • change the subject’s facial features to potentially any “age”
  • edit facial features like hair thickness, gaze, contours, and more
  • alter head direction (although this is still up for debate and experiment) of the subject
  • modify their subjects’ facial expressions (probably the creepiest of all)

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