Why You Should Perform a Website Crawl And How to Do It

There is always a debate on why you should perform a website crawl on your own website. Many developers think that this is a beneficial way to analyze data from any website. It could be to identify possible errors to fix ahead and avoid possible penalties. Or, it could also be used as a means to research reader and consumer behavior.

Crawling a website is easy and there are many tutorials available online. Also, there are so many resources and tools available online, as well.

Why you should perform a website crawl

We all know that Google crawls are important to get your website on the Google index. All new and newly updated websites will be crawled by Google bots so they could screen the website and add it to their results page returns. The tricky part is that Google has updates now and then. One day your website will be perfectly fine. Then suddenly the website is faced with Google penalties you never even knew you had. Sometimes it may be costly to fix and we all know how the sad possible ending to this story. Website will be removed from the Google index, and will not appear in the SERP. Internet traffic will rapidly decline.

It is great to be on top of these things, though. And there are tools available online to help developers identify possible errors, tags, or penalties a website could have. The Google penalties list is LOOONNNGGGG and it can be quite difficult to remember all possible offenses both development and content can have. This is where crawler tools can make the lives of devs and content creators so much easier.

Benefits of crawling your own site

Crawler tools can find broken links, detect malicious activity, spot missing data, and more. Crawling your own website is also a good way to create action with your content. Can we use the data to predict which products can sell and when? Can the data also be used to identify which topics readers like best? It’s great for market research.

Website crawler tools online

Using website crawlers can save time doing repetitive work. Developers can spend their precious time analyzing results instead. There are great website crawler tools online that developers need to try. Remember, there are different types of crawlers for different needs. It would be best to identify which part of your website you want to focus more on. Here are some great website crawler tools online:


Test Project

Screaming Frog

Xenu’s Link Sleuth



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