Unique Finance Websites for Inspiration

Finance websites are popular for many. It is everyone’s dream to take the risk, leave work permanently, and build a business. However, before a person could reap all the benefits of having a business, one must go through all the hardships first. Because finding funding for a business is one of the biggest obstacles in building a business.

Creating a finance-related website is worthwhile. It could be for a firm or business that produces funding for businesses, it could also be a website that gives financial advice. Topics could be as simple as creating a credit union savings account or applying for a credit card. Or, the website could be about financial education. These kinds of websites are very popular now that crisis is always looming around the corner.

If you want to create your finance websites, here are a few examples for your inspiration:


The homepage of the website focuses on showcasing lending partners and messages from the founders. These are aptly placed before the services they offer. At the bottom of the page, they also placed all their security compliance. This is so that the potential client will not be reluctant in sharing personal information that may be required when creating an account. Perhaps what the website wants to do is to establish trust with the potential client. Finance topics are overwhelming, much more when looking for firms that will fund businesses. This is perhaps why the website uses that approach on the home page. This is a good tip in establishing trust upfront and center.


The major selling point of the Moula website is the chatbox that automatically appears the first time a user visits the website. This improves the user experience significantly and they can curate the help needed by the user depending on their specific needs. In case they cannot answer through the chatbox, a real operator may be in contact with the client. This is a good approach to establishing user trust through improved user experience.


The website is clean and straight to the point. White backgrounds are the simplest to use but they are the most elegant. It emphasizes clarity and steers away from clutter and confusion. The text type and color are also minimalist in design which also does the same emphasis on clarity. This makes it easier to add in design, or images on the website.

First Principle

The color scheme of the First Principle website is bright on black. Noticeably, they used alternates between black and neon blue backgrounds. The typeface and color also change depending on the background. This, for some, can be a bit overwhelming as neon is not something commonly used in website fonts. However, it highlights what the website can do for the reader and gives the message. The website homepage focuses on clients and industries. The user must know who and where First Principle worked with in the past, and this is a good point to consider when choosing a finance company.

Startup Lab

The Startup Lab website is simplistic and cool. The parallax effect gives it an enjoyable vibe. Also, the text is direct to the point and easy points to what the users may be looking for. Immediately, at first glance, the website gives the users options or a list of their services. It is good to be direct to the point when designing websites. Although it may reduce the time the user spends on the website, it might increase the target interactions between the website and the user. This is what both the company and the website creators want.

Charles Milnes & Company

One good tip about developing a finance website is to make it less intimidating than the niche. Surely, the user is already overwhelmed with all the available information on the very broad finance topic. It is important to make the website fun. The Charles Milnes & Company website does just that where it sticks with a specific color palette but makes the graphic design fun and colorful.

Citi Group

What sets the Citi group website apart from most of the websites is that it has topics that are unrelated to finance but are pressing issues of today. This includes Racial Equity, the COVID-19 pandemic, and more. They have articles that discuss these things and maybe how it impacts the financial standing of an average American.

CME Group

An editorial photo for a background of a website never fails to amaze users. This gives users a sense of awe which establishes credibility for the finance website. Noticeably, the text type used on the website is uniform with the logo. The color of the fonts is maintained similar to the logo as well. This is a good tip to remember when creating a website. When the background is overwhelming, maintain uniformity and simplicity in the text types and color.


What is great about the Truist website is how much it values space. It makes it relaxing to explore and it is straight to the point. Losing all the clutter in one website may create a clearer mind for the user, one less issue to think about when thinking about financing. Another good point about the Truist website is the cool banner video that uses rectangles and squares repetitively. It provides consistency with the rest of the website.


The color palette for the All-State website is one of its major features. It makes the brand unforgettable since the colors used are closely strung to the All-State logo. Starting from the headers, to the banner background, to the menu bar, and even the color of the model’s outfit are all similar to the shade of blue the All-State Logo has. Now, when the user makes a selection, the chosen options are in a contrasting (but also complementing) color. This makes the website easy to navigate. For topics as confusing as finance, insurance, and the like, creating easy to navigate websites are always good.

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