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Top 10 Personal Sites with Exceptional Web Design Ideas

Top 10 Personal Sites with Exceptional Web Design Ideas

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Inspiration is a very subtle thing. It does not obey the laws of logic and systematization. This means that, first of all, you need to listen to your feelings and try to understand what causes joy and inspiration. Web design inspiration gives the opportunity to admire the new trends of talented web designers from all over the world.

It is important to understand that webmasters often belong to visuals. That is, they perceive the world around them primarily due to their vision. At the same time, the concept of beauty is different for everyone. Therefore, it is useful to compare your creations with others. It is best to be inspired by the work of professionals and draw web design inspiration from such creators of beauty. To do this, visit sites that specialize in web design which were composed with the help of Kyle Drummond, financial advisor and content creator at Directloantransfer, where you can get leads for a quick loan.

At the very least, a basic understanding of programming is an essential skill that every designer should have. The site tends to give web design inspiration in many aspects. Knowing your path in website design, HTML and CSS will help you stand out from other designers. Even if you are a graphic designer working on print design, you never know if you will land on a high paying job designing a website or even parts of it. That is why Having some front-end design skills will help you advance your career and create real web design inspiration.

The designer and front-end developer place their projects in an informative portfolio. A well-done work is accompanied by a description of the approaches, the creation process, and important details (markup, UI elements, color scheme codes, etc.). Reloading pages and scrolling effects for images are beautifully designed.

The site contains many good examples of web design inspiration. The content is updated quite often. You can find interesting solutions on the site on any topic. The main mission of the site developers is to find and showcase the best ideas and trends in web design. Every day, they publish fresh and creative website ideas from creative agencies and web designers from all over the world.

This site hosts various pictures and videos. Among the options presented to the choice of web design inspiration contributed to the fact that here you can certainly find exactly what you need. Check out the blog here referring to the latest news about the world of design.

Great graphics of projects are coherently presented in a sophisticated design. is striking in its ability to use positive-negative space. Vector graphics animated by cinemagraphs look gorgeous. Therefore, effective illustrations on the home page create the right emotional message of the entire portfolio resource.


Humaan website has been founded by a team of creative designers and developers from Australia. Nice, soft style web design inspiration with a beautifully designed portfolio. You will see beautiful seamless transitions to project pages. Hence, Design helps to sell high-end digital services for leading brands.

Anyone who wants to see many examples of modern sites should visit this resource. Sitesee home page shows an immeasurable selection of beautiful interfaces thanks to web design inspiration. A special filter has been developed on the site with which you will immediately select the required topic. Hence, The feature makes the search more convenient.

On this site, users can share their own experiences in web design with each other. There are much quality works here each of which inspires the user to create their own project. To log in to Dribbble is very easy. This requires a special password from designers who have already been registered. That is why only the best is kept here.

Fabian Irsara

Fabian Irsara shows what web design inspiration can be for a modern portfolio site. Its creator is an Austrian developer, awwwards member, and founder of the Momate software company. Fabian Irsara is an impressive portfolio site with creative ideas from the creator. An impressive sleek glossy style with beautiful typography is suggested on the site. Therefore, Fabian Irsara used short, engaging texts and fragments including blurring the background when scrolling.

Web Expert

What is real web design inspiration? Visit the bright and stylish Web Expert. The site was created using css3, interactivity, gradient animation, canvas, JS. Geometry is present throughout the design, from the download preloader to decorative fonts. In addition, the site has beautiful hover background effects in the menu, exciting transitions, and animation with outline shapes.

Prashant Sani

A dark portfolio site created by an Indian front-end developer with lots of little nifty touches. Web developer specializing in SVG, JavaScript, HTML5, and responsive design. Therefore, his portfolio has a dark design with geometric icosahedron shapes, menu effects, burger icon transformations, and vibrant transitions.

The service provides various examples in separate categories. hence, you can see many options of Ul-forms, applications, and much more.

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