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Creative Geometric Website Designs

In recent web design trends, geometric website designs have started to become popular among web designers. Graphic designers also incorporate geometric elements more into their works. More than the cool aesthetics that geometry could provide in web design, it helps in conceptualizing page space and determining its structure. Geometric website design is also quite versatile. Designers could opt for a simple and minimalist scheme or an advanced, surrealistic impression.

Using geometry in design is not a new concept. Almost every industry in the world uses geometric shapes. It could be used, most obviously, in building and infrastructure. But it also has surprising uses in other industries like food aesthetics.

Here are 18 creative geometric website desigs for inspiration:

Cool Zig-zags – Rally Interactive

The plain white background accentuates the ribbon-like design in bright yellow. The design is very simple, but very bold.

Photography & Geometric Website Designs – Case 3D

The background is a single photo but dimensions are created by the lines.

Squares are Rhombuses – Bright Media

Not only are the squares artistically put together, the color gradient also creates a futuristic feel to the webpage.

Designing with Triangles – Nitro Serv

The white V-shaped bands creates a futuristic effect on an otherwise simple background.

Bee-hive Inspired – Andrei Gorokhov

The lighting effects together with the bee-hive inspiration is an artistic take on geometric website designs.

A Game of Circles – Mosne

The colorful circles represent all the content presented in this website.

Simply Diagonal – Cap Gun Collective

The diagonal line cuts the website into two, contrasting pieces.

Rectangles for Geometric Art – Liam Brazier

The artwork of Liam Brazier is made up of geometric shapes in varied color gradients. His website simply presents his artwork in a rectangular gallery.

Solar System Inspiration – Qards

Orbital designs are still geometric in nature.

Contrasting Rectangles – Frans Hals Museum

The rectangular presentation of content highlights the intense color palette of the website.

3D Geometry – Bruno Simon

This website is a cool and interactive take on geometric website design.

Lines Everywhere – Nomadic Tribe

Slanted Rectangles – Skyline Films

Built in Hexagons – Built by Buffalo

Hexagons are a creative way to create ‘stacked’ content.

Random shapes – We Love Noise

Just like noise, the designer used shapes incoherently but harmoniously.

Geometric Textures – Mokhtar Saghafi

The website used shapes to create a collage-like texture.

Origami – 450 GSM

There are a few websites that use origami in their designs, 450 gsm is one of them.

Triangle and Square Doodles – Ian Mintz

Not only are there triangular and square doodles, there are also light blue polka dots everywhere.

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