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The Best Benefits of Using an Inventory System in Commerce Businesses

If your business has been frequently suffering from stock-outs, disorganized items, and unreliable and inaccurate inventory records, it’s about time to consider shifting to automation with the help of an inventory system.

While the success of inventory management truly depends on hard work and brain in operations, a digital solution such as inventory system offers aid in looking over the vital areas to help remove stress and inefficiency in and of the process. With it, small to large-scale companies can focus more on enhancing the quality of their products or services as their inventory processes are kept streamlined and reliable even with bulk data at hand.

How Can an Inventory System Help?

An inventory system is a type of computer system specially designed to automate and streamlined all the processes involved in inventory management. What is inventory management?

inventory management is the process of managing inventory to keep a smoothly
running supply chain. For retail businesses, a good inventory management
practice can facilitate on-time, available, and accurate order processing that
will leave the customers highly satisfied. For medium to large-scale businesses
whose inventory supplies are for their own usage, a good inventory management
process ensures that supplies, especially those essential for the production,
remain in stock and stock-out incidents are reduced to prevent production

Distribution warehouses and good storage often deploy an inventory system to achieve a streamlined and better organized process. With it deployed at the right time, in the right place, and by the right people, resources required to get the products to their users can be reduced, i.e. time and capital.

While a warehouse management system comes with more specialized features that will help easily manage the warehouse’s whereabouts, features that an inventory system comes with such as inventory monitoring already work well and has proven to be as highly beneficial.

Benefits of Using an Inventory System

1. Saving Money and Time with Automation

inventory-software-save-moneyInventory systems are considered a time and cost-efficient solution in handling inventories. This is through the use of barcode labelers and barcode scanning technology that omits the manual and time-consuming approach of recording the ins and outs of inventory items. This feature ensures that robotic pickers or employees can dramatically enhance the number of scans and work completed within their shifts. With the automation, there will be resources freed up and the staff will get to have extra time that they can spend on other equally valuable tasks.

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2. Cutting Down Administrative Costs

Inventory systems have been proven to be a great aid in enhancing inventory accuracy. They are designed to eliminate errors that are frequently present in manual inventory management. Less error means less time needed to be spent on fixing the damages. An inventory system also facilitates a highly organized inventory which cuts down the money spent on storing the wrong items. The system can identify which items need to be in stock and which don’t which guides inventory managers as they decide on the restocking requirements. With it, owners and managers can rest with confidence knowing there are enough inventories to cater to the needs of the customers and users.

3. Greatly Improved Inventory Efficiency and Accuracy

The manual inventory management approach usually does not pass through the 63% accuracy rate. The 37% error gap can already equate to thousands to millions of income losses depending on the size of your business. It is clear how damaging inventory inaccuracy can be and that is definitely why inventory systems are developed.

inventory-management-increase-productivityOne of the ways an inventory system can help is by cutting down the number of inventories a business needs to keep in stock while enhancing order accuracy. This enables the business to save effort and use its capital on areas that can offer a more enhanced ROI.

There are inventory systems that incorporate the JIT or just-in-time inventory approach. This allows the business to track its inventory levels closely and retain only stock levels that are needed for immediate demands.

Companies can use the features of an inventory system to maximum advantage to have more reliable and bolder control of inventories.

4. Enhanced Data Visibility and Planning

The good thing about inventory systems is they are designed to utilize the best value of modern technology by incorporating business intelligence through features like barcode scanning. When using an inventory system along with a centralized database, businesses can build their data assets so that owners can get a better idea of the business’s current stand. With this accessible information, owners can be on top of the process as they will be able to know which inventories are going to whose users. For retail businesses, this report will also help them spot the customers that they should focus more on to maximize their return on investments. 

In the current business climate, business intelligence is vital to keep a competitive edge. It enables a company to fine-tune marketing efforts to enhance conversions and improve profit. Not only can proper and efficient inventory management assist on the production side, the information that can be extracted from the reports can also help the marketing team.

5. Excellent Customer Service

customer-satisfications-with-serviceHaving dissatisfied customers can hurt the business’s revenues real bad and this is one of the reasons why businesses invest in digital solutions like inventory system as the efficiency and sophistication such systems offer can truly help strengthen the credibility and trust on the brand.

Enhancing accuracy means that the items demanded are delivered at the right time to the people who need it. The automation that an inventory system features makes this possible as delays, inaccuracy, and unreliability of processes are addressed, if not totally omitted.

6. Multiple Location Management

One of the best features of a web-based inventory system is how it maintains a centralized database repository for a business even if it is operating in multiple branches. With it, owners can easily get a bird’s eye view of how different branches are doing and how the business is playing it overall in terms of supply. Proper inventory management is vital to a successful chain of supply, thus the existence of inventory systems.

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