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The 5 Very Best Graphic Design Courses Online

Graphic design is a very lucrative industry. Lots of businesses depend on visual content for creating brand assets and publishing graphics for their posts. And they’ll be looking for someone who has knowledge in using different tools and implementing the best practices to achieve these.

Even if you’re still starting out with your career as a graphic designer, it’s never too late to jump on the bandwagon and take a piece out of the proverbial design pie.

In this post are some of the best graphic design courses to help jumpstart your career and get high-ticket clients to come calling for your services. The list of courses below varies by cost and level so be sure to read up and see which among the courses suits you best.

Become a Graphic Designer by LinkedIn

linkedin become a graphic designer

To create beautiful graphic designs your clients or audience will love, you need to know why you’re designing them. You also need to know the foundational concepts behind different design principles to craft something that makes sense.

LinkedIn Learning is fully aware of this, which is why it is offering the Become a Graphic Designer course for subscribers. In it contains everything beginners and intermediates need to know about graphic design from layout to typography. The course also touches upon Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator 2021, two of the best and most powerful design software, and how designers can leverage these tools to create eye-popping designs.

Best of all, you will receive a certificate after completing its course containing 20 hours’ worth of video content. You can display the certificate in your LinkedIn profile and use it to land lucrative gigs as a newly minted graphic designer.

To take the course, you must sign up to LinkedIn Learning for the first 30 days for free.

Online Graphic Design Classes at Skillshare


As a graphic designer, you may want to specialize in a particular field so you can narrow down your skillset and get more specific clients offering work that plays to your strengths.

In this case, consider joining Skillshare and gain access to hundreds of premium courses ranging from 3D modeling to vector graphics. Filter down to different categories to help you find relevant courses to the needs of your career. SkillShare also has advanced training courses for Photoshop and Illustration so you can create more complex designs from client briefs.

The great thing about Skillshare is you can enjoy all of the graphic design courses for $8/month or $28.88/year. This way, you can enjoy the courses at your own pace.

Graphic Design Masterclass – Learn GREAT Design from Udemy

udemy masterclass

So far, the courses mentioned above require you to sign up for an account. If you’re looking to get a course that you can get for a one-time fee for life, then Udemy’s Graphic Design Masterclass is one of the best out there.

The course first teaches you about design theory and how you can apply the concepts for branding. Consider branding statistics that point to the importance of creating good visuals for your business, this is a must-see course.

More importantly, the course teaches members how to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Affinity Designer and apply them to real-life clients. For example, there are course modules that show people how to create multiple page layouts, cookbook covers, mockup presentations, and others using the best tools available. These teachings help members get their foot on the door of potential clients looking for these particular services.

The course currently costs $12.99 (79%) and you have lifetime access to it. There’s even a 30-day money-back guarantee, making this course a low-risk, high-reward for those interested in making the most out of their design careers.

Graphic Design Masterclass Intermediate: The NEXT Level

udemy masterclass intermediate

If you already have a firm grasp of the basics and are working for a few clients but what to take your skill level up a notch, this Udemy course is for you.

Graphic Design Masterclass Intermediate teaches you more advanced techniques and practices to help build upon your design skills using the best tools available.

The course introduces you to more technical aspects and concepts of design to broaden your perspective on how to approach design briefs and assignments. For instance, there’s a module that goes into the entire chocolate bar package wrapper and why the brand made particular design choices to it.

It also introduces advanced skills such as photo manipulations, realistic shadows, and the Golden Ratio principle and how you can implement it in your graphic design.

Finally, there’s also a section that teaches you how to sell design content and resources which could serve as an additional income stream for designers. This way, you don’t have to rely primarily on your clients for your income.

Canva Design School

canva design school

If you want to turn your skills into an in-demand commodity especially in today’s market when content moves fast, you need to use the best graphic design software to help you get the job done.

Thankfully, Canva is one of the easiest to use for creating beautiful graphics and artworks out there. The things you can create using this tool allow you to bag even the pickiest among clients out there.

To help you learn how to create professional designs using Canva, its Design School is a free resource that teaches you the ropes of using the app.

The school contains a handful of courses that are related to personal branding, social media, and others. These are sure to help even design experts to gain a better understanding of what they want to achieve as a designer.

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