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35 Amazingly Well-Designed Church Websites

Church websites tend to do one thing very well – they target their marketing audience beautifully with their website designs. They know that for youth group websites, the kids tend to flock to something that is semi-grungy more than something with a bunch of middle-aged photos tossed around on it. They hit the nail on the head with their website designs (for the most part).

My goal in this article is to showcase 35 of the most amazing church website designs.

Love them, hate them – let us know in the comments 🙂

Calvary Christian Center ↓

Inspire Church ↓

Church of the Open Door ↓

Church on the Rock ↓

College Park Church ↓

CSB Ministries ↓

Eastpoint ↓

First Baptist Broken Arrow ↓

First Baptist New Orleans ↓

Four Corners ↓

Gateway Church ↓

Generation Church ↓

Genesis Church ↓

Grace Community Church ↓

Highpoint Church ↓

Long Hollow ↓

River City Church ↓

Rolling Hills ↓

Sevier Heights ↓

Stonebriar Community Church ↓

Valley Creek Church ↓

Watermark Community Church ↓

Good News Church ↓

Union Church ↓

Newspring Church ↓

Cornerstone Community Church ↓

Saddleback Church ↓

Celebration Church ↓

Church on the Move ↓

Seacoast Church ↓

EastLake Church ↓

The Avenue Church ↓

Bayside Church ↓

Oaks Church ↓

One Church ↓

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I hope you enjoyed this post and it got your creative juices flowing! Please let us know which ones are your favorites in the comment section!

This post was first published in May 2009; updated September 2021

The post 35 Amazingly Well-Designed Church Websites

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