Prediction Time: Design Trends for 2022

Web design is an ever-evolving world of art and creativity. Design trends for 2022 are sure to be exciting and intriguing. A lot of design trends are sure to disappear while others are sure to stay. As web designers, we should be on our toes to watch out for these. Or better yet, we should take it as a challenge to set our own. What are we expecting for web design in 2022?

Here are some clues:

We could be seeing lots more neon

A neon color palette is something we all love to hate or hate to love. It is the kind of color palette we all tread with a little bit of reluctance as it borders between absolute boldness and irrefutable recklessness. Recent trends show designers to be a bit more experimenting with neon gravitating towards retro-futuristic themes. We used to only see neon in designs imitating neon lights, but now we see it outside of that bubble more. We could see them in decals, artwork, gradients, backgrounds, and even font color. For 2022, we could see neon palettes gaining traction in the years to come.

Image Source: Victor Fernandez Wind Surf

The Meme-game is still sure to be strong

Decades ago, memes and other amateur-ish designs may not have passed editorial standards. But nowadays, memes are just so much a part of our daily lives that a lot of brands and websites use them to attract reader attention. Especially now that brands have been using more influencer marketing and social media marketing, memes are a great way to make a brand more relatable. It gives it a somewhat youthful vibe. If you are a designer for advertisements, banners, or social media posts, having a few free meme generators up your sleeve may be a good idea for 2022.

Minimalist, laid-back, and “home-grown” can still be a trend

In addition to this, we are seeing more minimalist looks but not your typical monochromatic minimalist. We are seeing websites that are using multiple color palettes but designed in a minimalist layout. Although the colors may be a bit muted, it is still actually really cool. We can see laid-back and “homey” minimalist looks here in this example. It is neutral, monochrome, and very simplistic.

Image Source: Kimm Architectuur

The Power of Social Media is REAL

If you are a web designer, social media is a powerful tool that we must all master somehow. This is especially true since a lot of our clients now also prefer designing social media pages to match their websites.

Sustainability is an ever-growing concept

The pandemic has given us all a chance to step back and recalculate everything about our lives. Sustainability is a huge trend right now. AND, it might be a good idea to brush up on tips and tricks on how to make your web designs sustainable. Yes, even your digital designs can help reduce carbon emissions, reduce energy consumption, and somehow save our planet.

Bold Texts and Geometric patterns are everywhere

Bold typography and geometric designs are on-trend right now and for the next year, it seems that it is here to stay. We may see more adventurous color palettes and fonts too. This graphic designer’s online portfolio shows exactly how bold typography will be the next big thing in 2022.

Image Source: Miranda Biondi Website

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