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Pointless Websites to Waste Time That School You in Design

Pointless websites are made from brilliant development hacks which are all wit and less work. These are websites that do not have any specific niche or content. The useless web is actually not what many people think it is. They may seem pointless but some really cool simplistic pages gain more user engagement than some well thought of websites. Web designers can gain really cool tips and tricks simply by peeking at pointless or useless webpages.

Here are some pointless websites inspirations to look at (uh before you start your own design). Just look, don’t procrastinate:

Cats, It’s All About Cats (Or any animal for that matter)

One example of a really engaging website is Cat Bounce. It is a simple webpage with a group of cat images that seem to be falling from the sky. Aside from cats and cute animals, one cool trick to learn from this website is its interactiveness. The ‘bouncing’ of the cats can be controlled by the cursor. The cats could be thrown up for a higher bounce or caught for a lighter bounce. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s interactive.

Image Source: Cat Bounce

How do these kinds of webpages earn? Simply from organic internet traffic and backlinks. On average, websites like these gain thousands of traffic volume in a month. The webpage also ranked considerably in SEO which is probably from the influx of backlinks.

Measuring Social Media Shareability

A website that will, surely, test anyone’s patience. This Patience website has a moving ‘loading page’ logo on a simple white background. Spoiler alert – the page will never actually load. This is a great, funny prank that could be shared easily on social media. It is always fun to think about a random friend wasting time waiting up for this page and the moment they realize it will never load up. The website’s high shareability is recognized by website analytics as backlinks that establishes its SEO strength.

Image Source: Patience is a Virtue

Backlinks may be considered as the lifelines of websites. The more backlinks a webpage has the higher its rank in organic search engines. The number of shares a website has, especially on social media, cements its popularity and trend for a longer time. What better way than to enjoy procrastination than to see another person procrastinate too.

Highly Engaging (but admittedly senseless)

The ‘Random Things To Do’ website is a highly engaging webpage. The basic idea of the website is to generate a random (mostly funny but absolutely senseless) task for anyone who’s bored. There are multiple categories that could keep anyone entertained for long periods of time. Ideas could be shared on their Facebook page.

Image Source: Random Things

Since it has a lot of categories, the ‘Random Things To Do’ website can keep a user engaged for a long period of time. It covers topics like pranks, to-do lists, drawing ideas, and more. Simply reading the senseless ‘tasks’ and ideas (without actually attempting to do it) can keep anybody entertained for a long period of time. User engagement is one of the most important considerations in web development and design.

Disclaimer: Please always be mindful of others, not everything ‘fun’ is safe and cool. 

Tricking you to CLICK

This Cookie clicker website is literally just that – a game about CLICKING ON THE COOKIE. It’s not straight-to-the-point clear why the cookie has to be clicked and when. But the online game that never seems to end is engaging nonetheless. The game has stats that let the player gain cookie points that could be used to purchase a better and more efficient cursor. These cursors are automatic cookie clickers that let players gain cookie points in the background. On top of that, the cookie points also allow the player to hire a Granny Baker. There are also achievements to be unlocked that keep the players engaged.

Image Source: Cookie Clicker

Now, this is actually a genius design. The Cookie Clicker website is layered with ads and sponsored links.  What is even more genius about this website is that the granny characters that you could buy from collected clicks could be re-named by donating to their Patreon. If there is anything the Cookie Clicker is – IT’S A GOLD MINE.

How do these kinds of websites earn?

Partnerships and sponsorships – A good number of pointless websites usually have partnerships with brands or products. Most of the time they create these fun and simple pages to generate leads and sales. Sometimes, it is to create customer awareness of a product, website, or brand.

Selling ad space – Many “senseless websites” have larger spaces for ads than their actual content. This is simply attributed to the fact that these websites don’t necessarily have any specific content.

Paid per Clicks – Most of these kinds of websites sell mostly on clicks. Many brands and companies have pay-per-click agreements with websites that feature their advertisements. A website could earn hundreds to thousands of dollars just from paid clicks alone.

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