Best Mobile App Onboarding Screens for Your Inspiration

Onboarding screens are a very important element in apps. It is your user’s first contact with your app and it acts as an introduction of the app, and a guide of what it can do. Onboarding screens are your way of communicating to the user, as well as enhancing their user experience. If you’re currently building an app and you’re stuck on what to do with your onboarding screens, we’ve compiled some of the best mobile app onboarding screens for inspiration!

Onboarding screens should fulfill at least one of the three purposes listed below.

  1. Informs the user on the app’s functions and benefits.
  2. A registration page to help your user log in.
  3. Collects user information to help in personalizing content and notifications.

To achieve that, there are several approaches you can do. To make it easier, we’ve categorized them to three: Benefits-Oriented, Function-Oriented, and Progressive.

Benefits-Oriented Onboarding

As its name says, this kind of approach shows the user the benefits of using the app. It lets the user know how to use the app by showing them what they can do with it. This kind of approach aims to encourage conversion in the app.

App Illustration by Zahidul

Travel App Onboarding Screens by SELECTO

Onboarding Illustration by Nugraha Jati Utama

Travel Quest App – Onboarding Illustrations by Katarzyna Dziaduś

Yppah Studio // Onboarding by Serhii Polyvanyi

Function-Oriented Onboarding

The Function-Oriented Onboarding approach, on the other hand, focuses on showing the user the functions of the app. This approach usually teaches the user how to use the app and what are its common functions.

Education Onboarding UI by Hien

Mobile App Libraryon by Outcrowd

Home Search Mobile App by Anastasia Marinicheva

Mobile App For Social Content Creation by Darius Buikus

Walkthrough Screens by Ravi Krumar Prajapati

Onboarding Screens for a Food Delivery App by Darya Morozova

Progressive Onboarding

The last type of approach for onboarding screens is Progressive Onboarding. This is when users are shown new information as they gradually navigate through the app. Depending on where you are on the app, an onboarding screen will show up with relevant information.

Wake Up – Let’s Start by Stefan Popadic

Motivational App by Sèrgi Mi

Here are some other onboarding screen designs for more creative inspiration!

Tapper Onboarding by Thelma Azonobi

Onboarding Screens, Isometric Illustrations by Iryna Demediuk

Weecher App Onboarding Screens by Hải Ngọc

Stylist Mobile App Onboarding UI Exploration by MahmuduR Rahman

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