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Must-Have Browser Security Tools If You’re Designing a Cryptocurrency Website

Security is one of the most important concerns any web developer should have when building a cryptocurrency website. Especially when the website requires sensitive information from users investing in trustworthy security tools proves even more essential.

Even a lot of banks, finance, and investment websites use CMS in the development stage. There is nothing wrong with this and it does not make many cryptocurrency websites less secure. However, numerous free plugins for CMS websites are developed using opensource data. This makes many websites vulnerable to illegal data mining and hacking. There is an emphasis on researching and reviewing security plugins before installing them in cryptocurrency websites.

Here are a few examples of free security plugins that web designers could use for cryptocurrency websites:

Akamai Kona Site Defender

This is great for non-CMS websites and applications. It is designed to protect an application or a website from any possible sophisticated attacks. It could respond to breaches within seconds. The protection of the personal information of subscribers and users is a top priority for any cryptocurrency website. The price could be a bit expensive but the investment is worth every penny for the protection of users.

GoDaddy Website Security

This website security is much more affordable than the Kona Site Defender. However, it does pretty much the same job. Not only does it scan for malware but it also creates backups for any important data. Remember, the lack of a security certificate affects user trust towards a website especially for investment websites like cryptocurrency.

Sucuri Security for WordPress

The Sucuri Security plugin is one of the most popular security plugins for WordPress-powered websites. Its most important job is to monitor a website against hacking and alerting the owner in case of possible breaches. Installing it improves user experience as it speeds up the performance of a website. It also provides disaster recovery plans.

Wordfence for WordPress

Hacking may well be one of the biggest threats a cryptocurrency website could experience in its lifetime. With the promising value of bitcoin and other digital currencies, there are possibilities of unauthorized bleeding of investments that could wipe out entire fortunes. WordFence is a good plugin for cryptocurrency websites as it blocks fake Google crawlers, whitelists these IP addresses and blocks them. It even scans comment sections and posts for possible malware. For a small fee, cryptocurrency web designers could invest in the WordFence pro that offers support forums and email support.

Google Authenticator

Multiple apps and plugins offer two-factor authentication for websites. Usually, the website would give a One-Time Password to the registered number of the user as a confirmation of the account. The two-factor authentication procedure is even more important for users that are going to use trading bots. There will always be security threats as long as personal information is shared on the internet be it on a website, a mobile application, or whatever. Extra personal caution is required for using bots, even popular and secure ones like bitcoin-lifestyle trading bots and 3commas.

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