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Make Extra Money With These Sites That Pay You to Test Websites

Working from home has never been so profitable in recent years. Anyone could apply for almost any job online. There is always a need for SEO experts, web designers, graphic artists, developers, and more. For designers and developers who want to work for easy extra cash on the side, this gig may be the best for you – website testing. Just offering a few minutes to a few hours of your life, web designers and developers who work to test websites could get quite a lot of money. Other than the cash, there are also multiple benefits to website testing jobs.

Try these to Test Websites:

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What are the normal requirements?

There are only a few requirements in applying for a website testing job online. Usually, these sites do require that applicants be willing to give the time to really immerse themselves in the app or website that they will be testing. Another requirement would be a device, not necessarily the latest (but depends on the app or website). It could be a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone. The last two requirements, which we think are normal for people to have, would be an email address and an online payment account. It could be Venmo, PayPal, Skrill, or any that is similar.

As for the experience, it will depend on what you are testing. But honestly, they are trying to get the feedback of the “ordinary” user. These are the readers, the shoppers, the browsers from different countries, ages, and genders. Testing a website does not even require technical know-how. Basic knowledge of using the internet would suffice.

Is there a standard rate to test websites?

The usual minimum feedback time is about 15 minutes. There are different rates for different types of feedback. Surveys that take a couple of minutes could start at a couple of dollars. Recorded testing usually costs about $15 to $20. For interviews, these are usually more expensive. Some websites pay high, and extra if you find a bug or a glitch on what you are testing (especially if it is a critical issue).

How to apply?

Usually, these testing sites have registrations that require you to log in your personal information. Since these websites do consider the effect of demography on the usability (and attractiveness) of their websites, putting in personal information may be required. This includes country of residence, age, gender, and birthdate. Other information regarding your internet usage may also be required. This may include how much time you spend browsing the internet, what kinds of devices you usually use, and what kind of activities you do (watching videos, reading articles, playing games, etc).

What to avoid in testing websites?

A lot of these testing websites are trustworthy. However, it would be important to do some research before registering. It is also important to consider if you are comfortable enough with their terms and conditions. This is especially true since you would be giving out a lot of personal information. But one of the most important things to avoid – test sites that ask you to pay upon registration.  

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