40 Sea and Summer Stock Photos (That You Can Use For Free!)

Autumn might be the most photogenic season, but summer is everyone’s favorite. It’s a time of year for friends, sunburn, and parties. Stay chill during these dog days of summer with these summer stock photos featuring carnivals, seascapes, cocktails, and kayaks.

Follow the links below each image to find their source and see their full resolution. All of these images share a Creative Commons “Zero” license, meaning they are in the public domain and free from copyright. You’re free to do whatever you like with the images, but it’s nice to credit the creator when you can!

Summer Stock Photos

summer stock photos carnival

Photo by Hannah Morgan

Photo by Michael Mims

summer stock photos pool

Photo by Bruno Gomiero

summer stock photos drinks

Photo by Jez Timms

summer stock photos diver

Photo by Jakob Owens

summer stock photos lake kayak

Photo by Jeff Isaak

summer stock photos lake

Photo by Rebecca Georgia

summer stock photos ice cream

Photo by ian dooley

summer stock photo beach

Photo by Leio McLaren

summer stock photo canyon

Photo by Jens Peter Olesen

summer stock photo beach ocean

Photo by davide ragusa

summer stock photo

Photo by Glen Jackson

summer stock photo

Photo by Avi Richards

Photo by Nine Köpfer

Photo by Jeff Nafura

Photo by Justin Luebke

Photo by Bill Williams

Photo by Florian Klauer

Photo by Jeremy Bishop

Photo by baluda

summer stock photos oregon

Photo by tpsdave

summer stock photos pier

Photo by TorstenDorran

summer stock photos umbrella

Photo by Free-Photos

summer stock photos seascape

Photo by Pok_Rie on Pixabay

summer stock photos still life

Photo by Jill111

summer stock photos hay bales

Photo by bogitw

summer stock photos deck chairs

Photo by Stevebidmead

summer stock photos amalfi

Photo by BrunoBordderr

summer stock photos impanema

Photo by eacuna

Photo by Oliver Sjöström

Photo by Med Gadon

Photo by Jess Vide

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives

Photo by Taryn Elliott

Photo by Alex Azabache

Photo by MarcTutorials

Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Simon Berger

Photo by Matt Moloney

Photo by Macro Mama

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This post was first published in July 2017; updated June 2021

The post 40 Sea and Summer Stock Photos (That You Can Use For Free!)

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