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Learn How to Create Mobile Apps and Games

Have you been looking for a new hobby? Or maybe you’re looking to expand your skillset. It’s as good a time as any, after all. One of the most interesting – and lucrative – things to do is to learn how to create mobile apps and games.

And the good news is that there are so many resources that will help you do just that without having to formally enroll in physical classes.

Zenva Academy has partnered up with Humble Bundle for a learning how to code bundle, with all courses available on Zenva’s website.

Worth $900 normally, the bundle includes full courses tackling app and game creation for both Android and iOS using Java, Unity, and Swift.

Whether you pay $1 or $25, you will be contributing to the charities below, helping people learn as well. Once you choose your donation level, you get the keys to access the courses on Zenva Academy.

Learn How to Create Mobile Apps and GamesThis bundle is available till October 14.

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