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How Web Media Developer can use YouTube SEO with Better Search Marketing to Rank Their Videos

There are several things which go into successful video marketing on YouTube. One of these things is the very often neglected YouTube SEO that’s so vital for getting viewers to actually find your video. Too many YouTube marketers are concerned with what’s going on in their videos to really push for better SEO, and it hurts their viewer and subscriber numbers.

Getting started on your YouTube SEO is simple if you know how to build it properly, and what you need to manipulate to be successful.

YouTube SEO: The most basic concepts

YouTube is watching everything that goes on with your videos and using it as part of the ranking factor for your video SEO. It has long been stated that the top-ranking factor is “Watch Time.” This is a ranking factor which looks at the number of time people watch your video for on average, much like Google’s ‘bounce rate’ ranking factor.Read also:

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Change how this will impact your SEO efforts by:

  • Paying close attention to your watch time stats in your YouTube analytics. Are your videos too long? Do they have slow spots where people click away? Are viewers leaving because you put too many links early in your video? These are important points to consider as you work on your SEO.
  • Making sure that your videos are edited as best as possible. Cut out the fluff, keep things moving and exciting. People have very short attention spans on YouTube.

1. YouTube keyword planning


Now that you’re growing your understanding of watch time, you need to look at the second most important aspect of YouTube SEO: Keyword planning and use.

Your keywords are the words that people are actively searching for when they want to find the content which you create. Let’s do a keyword search right now for “Air Jordan 30 Performance Review” because I am personally interested in this. We can learn a lot from our own searches!

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2. Keywords in titles

Your title is important for two reasons:

  1. It is the largest piece of text in search results for people to read. They need to understand right away what your video is about, and that it meets their search needs.
  2. Your title must include your keyword as the words here weigh heavily on SEO. Use it naturally so that it pleases the search engines, but doesn’t upset your readers.

3. YouTube view numbers

While YouTube hasn’t come out and said that view numbers are definitely a ranking factor, it only makes sense that they are part of YouTube SEO. You can think of this as being related to watch time as we discussed above: A video with more views is seen as ‘better’ by the search engines and it is ranked higher.


You can directly influence your video’s SEO with buying YouTube views. This tool will push your view numbers higher and push your videos up the SEO rankings. What do you get with more views pushing you higher in the rankings? You get more views! 

Everything that happens online is related to video SEO on YouTube. Start at the top of this article and work your way down to have the best possible results.

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