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12 Free Web Development Courses to Take While in Self-Isolation

It’s rather unfortunate that the best some of us can do in a time of a global pandemic is to stay at home in order to help. Quarantines for that matter, are tough challenges for the regular person. However, they don’t have to feel like an unproductive slog, why not treat yourself to some self-improvement and partake in some free web development courses?

Because if anything, this global pandemic has proven that businesses that take their platform online are more bulletproof, so to speak. That means websites are a secure investment in this day and age. Learning how to develop or make one with free web development courses could be a great way to spend your quarantine while you’re self-isolating.

So allow us to present you with some generous options for free web development courses. With these, you’ll probably come out of the quarantine with some new programming skills that can take you a long way.


Udemy is a dizzying library of courses you can learn online and most of them are being offered for free. Of course, plenty of these includes web development and many other related topics. Most of the courses offered also feature videos and in-depth teaching methods. It also offers paid options in case you have some cash to spare.


The problem with a lot of the courses in Udemy or others is that they require you to have your own toolset open in another program. Codeacademy does away with this hoop by making its web development courses in-browser, meaning Chrome (or your browser of choice) is the only tool you’ll need. This makes it more convenient for some.


Like Udemy, edX offers a wealth of knowledge not limited to free web development courses. You will find plenty of those as well– some of them from reputable institutions and companies such as Microsoft or Harvard. The fact that those are being offered for free means you ought to take a good look and spend your time on their courses.


Coursera’s specialty is offering tons of online courses from reputable universities from all over the world. It’s also not just universities but also Fortune 500 companies like Google and IBM. You’ll find no shortage of prestigious courses in Coursera and the best part is that plenty of them are offered for free.


Udacity is one of the more flexible options you can pick here and it can even offer you a custom routine to tailor fit your schedule… not that you might have anything else to do while in quarantine. It’s courses and projects also offer a more pragmatic approach and focus on giving you practical knowledge for web development so you can start applying what you’ve learned right away.

Mozilla Developer Network

Since you’re gonna be learning about web development, you might as well learn from the pros and the pioneers. Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser is one such institution. They have their own free web development courses. Their courses are also structured so you don’t get lost and can easily follow a growth path.

LinkedIn Learning – Lynda

What initially started out as one of the internet’s oldest web development repository has since been transformed into an even bigger and ever-expanding one thanks to LinkedIn. This is one of the most reliable sources of web development learning you can find on the web and it has a long historical reputation as proof.

Khan Academy

Free Web Development Courses

Khan Academy’s collection of tutorials might not be as robust or as expansive as the others on this list, but what it has, it utilizes more organically and with a better structure. It starts off by giving you an outline of its course series for web development so you get an idea of progression and what to expect, it’s all there.

Google‘s Mobile Web Specialist Certification

Free Web Development Courses

That’s right, Google has its own program with a specific focus, namely mobile web development and design. It’ a lot more important than you think since a few years from now, most internet traffic will be from mobile users. You might want to jump in on the bandwagon as early as now to take advantage of this still fresh perspective.

Web Fundamentals

Free Web Development Courses

What used to be called HTML5 Rocks is now Web Fundamentals courtesy of Google and its developer resource initiative. They do feature tutorials, guides, and even tricks of the trade to help you become a bonafide web developer with Google certification. It’s perfect for both beginners and advanced developers alike.

Android Developer Course

Free Web Development Courses

Don’t know anything about web development for the Android platform? No worries, Pluralsight’s very own Android Developer Course is there to remind you how achievable this is. You can start as a complete novice with no knowledge about it to becoming a proficient Android developer. It ‘s a full course that lets you take advantage of the smartphone’s popularity.

MIT OpenCourseware

Free Web Development Courses

What better way to learn about software and web development than with one of the most prestigious technology universities ever? The MIT OpenCourseware can give you anything from programming to computer engineering, web development included, of course. All you have to do is to choose from its wide array of topics and disciplines.

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