How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Modern Life

In the last few decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has moved from a science-fiction dream to an important part of our daily lives. There are multiple ways through which AI is changing our daily lives. For instance, we use AI enabled systems to interact with our phones via voice assistants such as Google, Siri and Alexa. This ever-growing technology has improved further to include unbelievable technologies such as self-driven cars by Tesla.

Further applications of this technology are evident in our medical facilities, our businesses, our educational systems and our financial structures. Below is how:

AI is changing our medical facilities

AI has revolutionized the healthcare facility in unimaginable ways. This includes precision medicine where doctors and other medical practitioners can treat a patient by considering his/her background as opposed to solely treating the disease. This is accomplished using advanced AI machine learning or by use of proteomics. Additionally, according to an article written by Scott Rupp, AI is being used for automated cancer treatment through the CareEdit tool which analyzes quite a large amount of information including past treatment regimens with the aim of creating a clinical decision support system that helps medical practitioners to treat cancer patients. Moreover, AI and machine learning have been integrated into the Electronic Health Records (EHR) to assist record keeping in the medical facility.

AI has been integrated into robots which are helping them to perform complex tasks by themselves which includes advanced diagnosis. Integrating AI in healthcare will help reduce the deaths that occur due to data errors.

AI is changing our businesses

AI is expected to change how most organizations handle business. Today, the available technology has changed how companies process, create and market their products. This makes it easy for AI to be integrated into every business application. Today, AI is being used as an essential aspect of all manufacturing industries. BP, for instance, is already using AI to drill oil. In this case, AI technology is used to prevent human errors. This is mainly achieved by taking data from the drilling software and programs and providing advice to the operator on when and how to change the drilling distance or depth. With the ever developing technology, we hope that AI technology will be used to do away human errors in such complicated jobs as this.

AI has been integrated into computers enabling them to analyze past and current sales information of an organization. This helps in the decision making of an organization, which in turn increases their profits.

3. AI is changing our education systems

Today, AI is being used in education in some tools that help develop skills and testing systems. Students are using education programs powered by AI to improve their writing skills as well as to help them learn basic mathematics. In the future, AI is expected to be used in complex applications to solve higher level problems.

AI allows for the differentiated and individualized learning experience. Currently, some organizations including Carnegie Learning and Content Technologies are developing digital platforms as well as intelligent instruction design that uses the AI to offer learning, feedback and testing to students. Individualized learning is using AI to analyze a student’s performance including their weak subjects. This aspect enables the teachers to help the students focus on specific areas.

Further, AI is transforming education in that the teachers are gaining the ability to optimize the preparation of the educational material as well as the grading of student’s tests, essays and homework.

4. AI is changing our financial structures

AI enabled systems are in a point to process quite a large amount of data in a very short time. This allows several financial institutions to provide more individualized and targeted wealth management advice to their stakeholders. For instance, AI makes it easier to apply and get a loan approved. This is because it can process a customer’s data in minutes.

The development of machine learning, as well as predictive analytics, have made Forex trading way easier. This is because most of them are creating short term trading strategies enabling traders to analyze big data. Apart from providing the short term trading strategies, AI is also helping financial institutions to reduce their overhead risks, maximize the use of the resources and to generate more money.
AI technology extends further to various other applications. This includes the transport systems through self-driven cars, cybersecurity and precision farming. For many industries, AI has already changed their operations. This includes the manufacturing industries among others. In the future, we expect a better world with AI enabled applications and systems.

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