Best WordPress Advertising Plugins of 2019

Creating a successful advertising campaign is must into today’s crowded eCommerce world. Once you have your website and products in place you must have the tools necessary to communicate to your target audience just what you are selling. 

Fortunately, CodeCanyon has a large number of WordPress advertising plugins available to get you up and running in no time. 

Don’t worry, I have done all the hard work for you. Below is a list of the top 10 advertising WordPress plugins of 2019!

1. Adning Advertising

Advertising is all about the presentation. With Adning Advertising, you will be able to create and manage an unlimited number of advertisements that entice your potential customers to learn more about what you are selling. 

Adning Advertising

Here are some of the important features of this WordPress advertising plugin:

  • targeted advertising
  • create unlimited ads
  • modern transition effects
  • Google AdSense support

One other handy feature for this plugin is that you can apply country filters. These filters will show or hide banners for visitors from specific countries allowing you to target specific audiences. Don’t forget to check out the live preview of Adning Advertising to see if this WordPress advertising plugin is right for you. 

2. Facebook Messenger Bulksender

Having a strong presence on Facebook is a must for businesses in today’s market. The Messenger Bulksender allows you to get in contact with potential customers in a form of communication that is familiar to them and will help you convert on your advertisements.

Facebook Messenger Bulksende

Here is a list of prominent features of this plugin:

  • easily send bulk messages
  • create unlimited ads with no monthly fee
  • customer support
  • works with Facebook custom audience 

View the live preview of Facebook Messenger Bulksender! 

3. WordPress Popups Plugin

Popup ads are an integral part of an online advertising campaign. They allow you to display advertisements that are guaranteed to be seen by your potential customers. With WordPress Popups Plugin, you are able to display four different types of content that will draw your potential customers attention to any product you are trying to sell. 

WordPress Popups Plugin

Here are some of the features of this WordPress advertising plugin:

  • intuitive and easy-to-use interface 
  • adjustable popup display settings
  • test pop ups in development mode 

Check out all the features in the live preview of WordPress Popups. 

4. Ads Pro

When looking for WordPress advertising plugins, flexibility and easy customization are a must. Having this flexibility will allow you to put together an ad that fits in with the theme of your website and targets your specific audience. With Ads Pro, you will have the control you need to make successful advertisements. 

Ads Pro Plugin

Here are a few of the notable features offered by the Ads Pro plugin:

  • geographical targeting
  • ad scheduling
  • display ads on specific devices
  • display ads in 20 different ways 

Try out these features in the live preview of the Ads Pro plugin. 

5. Content Egg

Content Egg is an incredibly powerful advertising plugin that can fit into a wide range of business models. The plugin comes with plenty of templates that can fit into your website and business such as product cards, product grids, product lists, price comparison lists, and price alert widgets. 

Content Egg

Here are the main features of this WordPress advertising plugin: 

  • automatic updating prices and offers
  • full support for WooCommerce
  • offers synchronization with product
  • specification parsing to attributes

This features in this WordPress advertising plugin give you an all in one solution for your business. View the live preview of this WordPress advertising plugin to see just how helpful it can be for your business. 

6. Ad Overlay Anything

By placing relevant advertisements over your most viewed content, you will be able to drive more traffic to specific products, which will result in more sales. Ad Overlay Anything will display a popup ad over any page or post in the form of a video, image, or text. 

Ad Overlay Anything

The Ad Overlay Anything may be a simple plugin, but it can be an incredibly powerful tool for your business. Find out if Ad Overlay Anything is right for you by checking out the live demo.

7. Affiliate Links

Consumers are often put off by long and confusing URL’s. Unfortunately, these long URL’s are necessary when doing affiliate marketing. With the WordPress advertising plugin, Affiliate Links, you can mask any affiliate link URL’s by shortening or creating new ones.

Affiliate Links

Here are some of the main features:

  • link chat stats
  • conditional redirects
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • complete control over affiliate links

Look no further! Affiliate Links is a go-to tool for creating and shortening affiliate links.  

8. Envato Affiliate Cash

Envato helps creative people all around the world with its products and services. With Envato Affiliate Cash it has never been easier to generate affiliate revenue from this global marketplace. This WordPress advertising plugin allows you to convert any Envato links to masked referral URLs. Don’t have any Envato links on your site but are still looking to earn revenue? No problem! You can easily generate any number of referral URLs and add them to your website. 

Envato Affiliate Cash

Here are some of the notable features this plugin offers: 

  • three different levels of link replacement
  • built-in cloaking support
  • quick installation 
  • supports all Envato marketplaces
  • compatible with all popular browsers

Don’t miss out on the live preview of Envato Affiliate Cash to see just how easy it can be to create these affiliate links. 

9. HashBar Pro

Keeping your customers and potential customers aware of the latest sale, product release, or anything that is happening in your business is a great way to generate more sales. One of the best ways to keep your website viewers in the loop is to display stylish notification bars that will give your customers the latest information. With HashBar Pro, you can create an unlimited number of customizable notification bars that your customers will see. 

HashBar Pro

Here are some of the important features of the plugin:

  • create unlimited notification bars
  • content styling 
  • arrow styling
  • close button styling

One other notable feature is the plugin has the ability to show email subscription forms which can help increase your email subscribers up to 500%! 

Watch this notification or alert bar in action by checking out the live preview.

10. Aparg SmartAd

Aparg SmartAd is a unique ad plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create smart advertisements from templates to reach your target audience. Traditionally, setting up advertisements can be a painstaking process. However, with Apart SmartAd, there is much less setup time, which lets you focus on other parts of your business. 

Aparg SmartAd

Here are the main features of Aparg SmartAd

  • custom ad builder preview
  • smart ad controlling
  • adblock detection
  • anti-cache
  • exportable statistics

Other important features include scheduling of ads, a background parallax effect, and forty-three differentpopup animations. 

Check out the live preview for Aparg SmartAd to see if its functionality is right for you.


The WordPress plugins described above will help make your advertising campaigns successful. To know which plugins you should consider purchasing, make a list of the different ways you your business will advertise to your target audience. Once you know this, you can see if the plugins above will be able to assist your advertising campaign. 

If none of these ten plugins seem right for your businesses needs, be sure to check out CodeCanyon. You’ll find a large variety of advertising plugins for WordPress that may also be helpful!

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