Go From Zero to Hero (in Machine Learning)

Who wants to become an expert in machine learning and save more than $800 while you’re at it? You have come to the right place then.

We said it before, and we’ll say it again…this is the best time to level up in your life. Professionally and personally.

In terms of professional development, getting this machine learning bundle will be doing yourself a favor.

14 bestselling books from Manning Publications can be yours to study for only $18.

If you want to start small, try out these four books for only $1:

  1. Machine Learning in Action
  2. Machine Learning for Business
  3. liveVideo! Machine Learning for Mere Mortals
  4. liveProject! Think Computationally with Five Small Python Projects

For $10, you can go a bit deeper with these titles:

  1. Machine Learning with R, the tidyverse, and mlr
  2. Machine Learning with Tensorflow
  3. Deep Learning for Vision Systems
  4. Practical Recommender Systems
  5. Succeeding with AI
  6. AI-Powered Search (MEAP)
  7. Locked contentliveVideo! Deep Learning Crash Cours
  8. liveProject! Discovering Disease Outbreaks from News Headlines

To complete the entire collection, you only need $18:

  1. Deep Learning with PyTorch
  2. Natural Language Processing in Action
  3. Deep Learning and the Game of Go
  4. AI as a Service
  5. Deep Learning with Python First Edition
  6. Machine Learning Systems
  7. liveVideo! Grokking Deep Learning in Motion
  8. liveProject! Using Deep Learning to Predict Basketball Scores

These resources will take you beyond your everyday coding/designing tasks. Who knows, you might even branch out into something new?

Go from good to great when it comes to AI and machine learning, with ebooks like Deep Learning and the Game of GoSucceeding with AI, and Machine Learning in Action. Plus, your purchase helps support the International Rescue Committee & World Central Kitchen, Inc!

Get this bundle until April 19.

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