Getty Images is Acquiring Unsplash, How Will it Affect Freelance Designers?

Getty Images is acquiring Unsplash to the surprise (and horror for some) of many freelance designers in the world. Free for commercial use, no attribution required, and copyright-free – these are the qualities Unsplash has that make it endearing for the users. It has a library of thousands of images of almost any category and topic. Unsplash is of great resource for many freelance designers. The news that Getty Images is acquiring Unsplash may be overwhelming, but what exactly are we expecting?

Unsplash is a holy grail

For many freelance designers and small-scale clients, having access to an almost unlimited number of creative commons images is a big deal. With the wide selection and library of Unsplash, designers can simply stick with the platform for life. On top of that, contributions from photographers, designers, and artists are creative. All the images, photos, and wallpapers uploaded on Unsplash have great quality. Freelance designers not only have the opportunity to collaborate with other artists, but they can also easily contribute their works on the platform.

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Licensing, albeit great for the owner of the photograph, can be expensive. If freelance designers opt to purchase licenses for the images they use, the clientele would be significantly affected where small-scale clients will be forced to pay a higher premium for the end product. If Unsplash changes direction from how it is currently, and opts for stricter image licensing, it could change the popularity of the image-sharing platform forever.

An overwhelming response

The reactions to the acquisition may have gotten a few raised eyebrows. Many things can happen, honestly. One of these is that licensing can seriously get affected. Expansion always has a cost. It could affect not only the designer but also the clients.

But the great news is that in the future, we could see newer updates and gimmicks for Unsplash. Recently, they have just launched Unsplash Hire where brands and companies can work directly with their chosen collaborator. We are surely going to get more of these kinds of brand upgrades soon. Freelance designers who constantly upload their work on the platform have bigger opportunities to work with big-name brands.

Seriously, though, it may be an upgrade

Let’s be honest, Getty Images is a great resource for photos and images. It is home to many works of household name photographers. The details of how Getty Images will collaborate with Unsplash remain unclear. But surely, the added support and resources from Getty Images will improve not only the platform itself but also collaborations with artists.

Over the years, Unsplash has grown its library. It has also grown its collaboration with artists, designers, and photographers. The growth of Unsplash needs more support and stability, which means that it is in good hands with Getty Images. With the rate that it is growing, it is quite clear that the future is promising. And for a brand as popular as Unsplash, an upgrade is actually long overdue.

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