Embrace Spring With These Blooming Flower-themed Designs

Spring is the time when the world finally wakes up from Winter sleep. It awakens and blooms anew to welcome a season of sunshine and growth. Spring is a time of change and a time of rebirth.

In web design, this time of the year is often represented with a bold choice of colors and elegant ornaments. Consequently, Spring is most commonly associated with flowers. If you’re looking for some inspiration this season, below is a collection of some of the most skillfully crafted flower-themed websites that match the Spring season.



Virtue Mart is an exceptional Spring-themed design. The layout combines metro style elements with high-resolution flower photography. It uses bold typography for both the front slide and the different menu sections. The sans-serif style of the fonts gives the website a modern touch.


Spina is an event planning agency based in New York City. The company manages а wide range of events giving each one of them a refined yet modern appearance. The website reflects the visions and style of the company with an elegantly styled layout. The front image features a bundle of bouquets made of different kinds of flowers that bring the website a colorful look.



Kalla is an agency dedicated to bringing great experiences to people through gift-giving. The website is built with a metro style in mind, yet it breaks the traditional appearance of the metro design with an unconventional layout. The flower photos represent the brand’s ideology. They give off the website a crisp, fresh look, which blends with the modern feel of the typography and additional web elements that build the website.

Green Gala

Green Gala

Each year, a community-driven non-profit named Friends of Grand Rapids Parks hosts a gala to raise funds for the development of the local parks and public spaces.

Created with a great cause in mind, this design creatively interlaces the beauty of vintage art and botany. The Green Gala website features both traditional and modern motives which gracefully blend with the help of a bright color palette. The hand-drawn elements used in the design give off an artisan look to the website while the collage adds an eclectic charm to the whole composition.



Watercolor elements are particularly popular in both print and web design. The Encens website features high-resolution flower photography along with masterfully painted botanical images.  The typography presents a clean, sans-serif font and all-caps headings. The high-quality images and bold texts quickly grab the visitor’s attention.

The Flowers Box

The Flowers Box website welcomes users with dynamic colors of flowers that can instantly capture the attention of viewers. The dark hues in the background allow the white texts to stand out. Its deep color palette draws attention and creates an atmosphere of romance and mystery.

85 Flowers

85 Flowers incorporates a clean background and colorful foreground for its website. The stark contrast between the background and the foreground allows the colors of the flowers to pop. Adding the beautiful flower arrangement, this website is a great example of how to design your own flower online shop.

Scotts Flowers

If you’re a fan of lilac hues, Scotts Flowers website may inspire you to create your own. This color palette can signify royalty and good intention. The website is clean and neat with only the flowers drawing attention per page. It’s minimal but beautifully made.

Pollen Floral Design

Something a little whimsy is a website by Pollen Floral Design Studio. It uses the color combination of white, green, and peach. Upon opening the website, you can feel that it exudes elegance and authenticity. The colors are so refined that it makes for a gentle-looking floral website.


If you’re leaning towards a peach and beige color palette, Zinnia Floral Designs website can serve as your ultimate peg. The website offers that vintage feel without looking too old. The pictures showcased on this website are professionally shot and you can tell that it’s refinement at its finest.

Gypsy Floral

Not looking for something too flowery? The Gypsy Floral and Events website shows simple floral arrangements that still stand out on their own. It looks modern and professional, especially the photos used in every page. It features a slideshow of beautiful flowers as you scroll down the page.

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