Developer Job Hotspots in the US

With over four million people in the US currently working in jobs that require some level of software development, there’s a lot of competition out there. Fortunately, there’s also a wealth of job opportunities at all levels of skill and experience. Whether you are just starting out and looking for an entry-level position, or you are a senior developer with experience in a variety of coding languages, there are plenty of attractive positions out there.

Some developer jobs are more prestigious than others, of course. If you want to narrow your career search to the most desirable employers, it might be in your interest to relocate to one of America’s developer hotspots, where the tech giants offer some impressive opportunities to work on innovative software, apps, and creative programming challenges. It will also help to know what skills are most in-demand for various positions.

Online Schools Report analyzed data for 50,838 full-time job listings that require developer skills across 768 cities, and referenced it against the most desirable employers in tech, to produce an interactive map of the best locations you should hone in on to find the developer job of your dreams.

The states with the best jobs:

With 54.7% of all developer vacancies coming from just five states, the major hubs for the American tech industry are California, Washington, Texas, New York, and Massachusetts.

The cities to head for:

There are great jobs available all over the place, but the odds of getting a job are best in Seattle, Washington (5,285 vacancies), New York, New York (2,841 jobs), San Francisco, California (2,310, including 87 with desirable companies), and Austin, Texas (1,541 jobs listed, including 60 at top employers).

If you want to work for a highly desirable company, you should move to Santa Clara, California, where Apple and Nvidi have listed 981 attractive roles out of 1,530 in the city.

Check out the handy infographic to find out more about where developers can earn the best salaries, and where different skills can be put to use.

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