choosing cost effective ink for printing

Designer’s Guide – Choosing a Cost-Effective Ink for Printing

A designer that works in the digital design field knows the values of good ink. The colors and prints quality of digital media and advertisement prints is important when presenting your work to your client. An unbalance and washed-out colors or low-quality prints will ruin your work and future portfolio.

If you are a designer with a Canon printer then you may be sick of paying exorbitant amounts of money to get your ink but not know how to get the same or better quality at a lower price. The good news is that there are a couple of different options when it comes to finding the best manufacturer and we have shared the best way to get what you need with a minimal amount of hassle. Read on to find out more.

Big Named Brands Are Not Your Friends

Interestingly, there has been a long term marketing campaign by big-name brands to convince the mass consumer especially people that will be using printer 24/7 for their work such as designers and office workers, that Canon printer ink replacement is better served by getting a genuine cartridge from them. They go as far as to say that buying anything else would put your printer in grave danger and even threaten to invalidate your warranty. In reality, none of these threats are true and they are just used to scare you into buying their products instead of anyone else’s.

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However, lots of investigations have proven that these brands do not fill their cartridges and often sell their ink at more than four times the market value. This means they are making significant amounts of cash from you based upon a lie. These manufacturers cannot be allowed to continue in this vein and so people need to become better educated about the products they are purchasing.

The New Wave in Ink

choosing cost-effective ink for printing
The other type of ink manufacturer that you can employ is a specialist ink supplier that sells top Canon printers ink for a fraction of the price you would normally pay. These companies do not manage to undercut the big names by selling you poor quality ink but they do it by keeping their overheads low, selling mainly online, and not overcharging you for a product that you need. Their honesty is the way forward and finding a reputable ink company will not only save you significant amounts of cash but will educate you on the fact that you have been conned for all these years.

Picking a specialist ink supplier is easy and when you need to get new ink for your design work’s printer machines then you simply need to head to the internet and start looking for companies that make their money from just selling ink alone. They need your return business the most and so will sell you the best possible quality for a very reasonable price.

Final summary

It is clear to see that the misconceptions we all have about printer ink no longer hold any power; genuine ink is a rip-off and big-name manufacturers work to make you believe that it is worth paying a lot of money for not very much ink. Now you know that there are genuine replacement ink specialists like Smart Ink then you can get your Canon 281 ink or similar for a fraction of the cost and the same quality. Enjoy spending your cash on something you love and buy replacement ink instead.


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