Best WordPress Social Plugins of 2019

Elevate your social media strategy this year. Using WordPress social media plugins, you can integrate website content with your social networks, increase your reach by adding social share buttons to your site, streamline your feeds, and much more. In this article, we will look at some of the best WordPress social media plugins for social sharing, auto-posting, feeds for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, and social media instant messaging widgets.

WordPress Social Media Share Plugins

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress Plugin

Add social share buttons, followers counters, subscribe forms, and live chat functionality to your site with this WordPress social media plugin. One of the most powerful social media packs for WordPress, this plugin offers you total flexibility. With more than 55 templates, automatic display triggers, and full integration across the most popular social networks, you get everything you need to boost your shares, increase your followers, and grow your mailing list in a single plugin.

User franboud says:

“This sharing plugin is the best I have ever seen. It’s awesome.”

AccessPress Social Share Plugin

AccessPress Social Share Plugin

Increase your social reach and follower count by making the content on your website shareable with this WordPress social media share plugin. Using this plugin, visitors can share your website content on twenty major social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and Tumblr. Twenty fully responsive themes, CSS3 animations, fast loading, and a drag-and-drop user interface make it easy to integrate social sharing in your WordPress site.

User caapi says:

“Brilliant plugin. It doesn’t slow page speed loads. It has lots of design options. It is easy to use. And incredible support team! A+”

WordPress Social Media Feeds Plugins

Flow-Flow WordPress Social Stream Plugin

Flow-Flow WordPress Social Stream Plugin

This WordPress social media plugin lets you combine feeds from 16 sources—including popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube—into responsive walls or galleries, so news, photos, videos, and reviews can all be integrated into the same stream. Smart caching means this plugin delivers your stream content without lags, which is especially important when you are pulling from multiple networks. Beautiful templates, hover animation, and lightbox functionality round out this plugin.

User marcocortesi says:

“Great plugin! Excellent support! Extremely easy to use!”

AX Social Stream

AX Social Stream WordPress Social Media Plugin

Combine all of your social networking activity into a single stream. With this WordPress social media plugin, you can create a social media stream from an unlimited number of public Twitter accounts, your own Facebook and Instagram accounts, and other social networks. Visitors can share your posts with their followers, interact directly with your Twitter content, and filter your stream by social network. With six display formats and customizable CSS stylesheets, you have the power to create a unique social stream for your WordPress site.

User FMM-Creative says:

“Five stars for customer support and plugin code quality. One of my best experiences on CodeCanyon. Great job.”

WordPress Twitter Feed Plugin

AccessPress Twitter Feed Pro

AccessPress Twitter Feed Pro WordPress Social Media Plugin

Increase your social reach by integrating your Twitter account with your WordPress site. This WordPress Twitter plugin can fetch tweets from any account and display them on your site in a variety of possible layouts. This plugin offers support for multiple Twitter accounts in the same feed. With twelve templates to choose from and easy setup and configuration, you will have this plugin up and running in seconds.

User greenscreenman says:

“Very easy to use. Works straight out of the box. You’ll love it!”

WordPress YouTube Gallery Plugin

WordPress YouTube Gallery Plugin

WordPress YouTube Gallery Plugin

Create YouTube playlists on your website by selecting from channels and individual videos. Embed a single video, or share share unlimited videos on your site with this plugin, simply by inserting the URL source—over 100 parameters give you endless flexibility. Sort videos or have them play randomly, divide content in custom groups, and adjust the video player’s size, layout, and play format to your preference. This plugin is fully responsive and comes with customizable colour-schemes to complement your site.

User amanda007 says:

“Love the quality of this plugin. The design is great, it is easy to use, and it works really well. It’s also very flexible and allows a lot of customizability.”

WordPress Instagram Plugins

Instagram Feed WordPress Gallery

WordPress Instagram Feed Gallery Social Media Plugin

Create galleries for your website with this WordPress social media plugin. Advanced filtering options let you stream from unlimited Instagram sources using any combination of usernames, hashtags, locations, and post URLs. You can also exclude specific photos, usernames, or hashtags from your feed. This plugin is fully responsive and mobile-friendly, and you can choose from slider or grid layouts, tile or classic post templates, and multiple colour schemes to create a custom Instagram feed to your existing site.

User KeLoX says:

“It’s a great plugin and looks beautiful on the website. You won’t be disappointed.”

Instalink Instagram WordPress Widget

Instalink WordPress Instagram Social Media Widget

Share your Instagram account and increase your follower count with this WordPress social media plugin. Instalink lets you display images from a specific username or selected hashtags in a simple and attractive widget on your website. Create unlimited galleries, all with different settings, or use this plugin to display your portfolio. User-friendly customization options allow you to create an attractive Instagram gallery for your website.

User crushdesignco says:

“This is such a great plugin—so easy to setup and configure, looks great, works great.”

AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro

AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro WordPress Social Media Plugin

Add Instagram feeds to your blog, posts, and website sidebar with this WordPress social media plugin. With a shortcode or widget, you can display feeds in any location on your website. This plugin supports user feeds, recent media, user likes, popular feeds, and hashtags, so you can customize the content that will appear on your site. With 15 layout options, lightbox functionality, customizable accent colours, and dynamic configuration options, AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro is another superb plugin for adding Instagram content to your website.

User ironjoseph says:

“One of the best plugins for Instagram. Highly recommended.”

WordPress Auto Post to Social Media Plugins

AccessPress Social Auto Post

AccessPress Social Auto Post WordPress Social Media Plugin

With this plugin, you can auto post your website content to unlimited social media accounts—an indispensable feature if you are managing multiple Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Tumblr accounts. With this WordPress social media plugin, you can define which content will auto post by post type and category, and define the format in which your content is posted, either as a snippet or full post. This plugin gives you the power to publish your WordPress posts to all your social media accounts simultaneously.

User joepixxy says:

“Amazing! It supports both WordPress manual posts and posts inserted automatically by other plugins. Best purchase so far this year!”

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin

Automatically pin images from your posts with this WordPress social media widget. Pin unlimited numbers of images, queue posts for bulk pinning, set up image and board detection for auto-pinning, and set images to be pinned at random intervals. All pins are automatically linked to your posts, so when a Pinterest user clicks on your pin, they will be redirected to your website.

User csshop says:

“I love the ease of use. The integrations to map categories to boards makes it a number one plugin for WooCommerce stores—this saves so much time on clicking, tagging, and pinning. Does exactly what it is supposed to.”

Social Auto Poster WordPress Plugin

Social Auto Poster WordPress Plugin

Use this WordPress plugin to auto post to social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and more. You can configure this plugin to post new content and repost past content, to make sure all your content reaches its maximum possible audience, and schedule content to post exactly when you want. This WordPress social media plugin is one of the easiest ways to manage, schedule, and share updates on your social media sites—no social media manager required.

User rtrem10 says:

“Great customer support for a great plugin. I can now post pages and posts to several social media outlets with one click. Great job!”

Messaging Plugins for Facebook and WhatsApp

NinjaTeam Facebook Messenger for WordPress

NinjaTeam Facebook Messenger WordPress Social Media Plugin

Let visitors contact you directly through your website with the WordPress Facebook Plugin. Based on Facebook messenger, this plugin creates a Message Us on Facebook button for your website that allows you to chat with your customers in one of the easiest and most effective ways. New notifications come in immediately when you receive a message, so you will never miss an opportunity to connect. No coding skills are required to use this plugin; just enter your Facebook fan page URL in the settings and you are ready to connect.

User OtstottDesign says:

“Great plugin that works amazingly!”

WhatsApp Click to Chat Plugin for WordPress

WhatsApp WordPress Social Media Messenger Plugin

Embed a click-to-chat WhatsApp button on your site, making it easy for your customers to reach out. You can display multiple accounts and set availability for each account so that the widget is hidden when you are not available for live chat. The auto-display feature draws users’ attention to the widget based on triggers such as time delay, inactivity, or scroll length, which can increase customer engagement, and pre-populated icebreaker text helps your customers get the conversation started.

User claudioperin says:

“This plug in makes all the difference to my WhatsApp support and so to my business. You should try and buy. It is really worthwhile.”


Social media integration is an important part of your web presence, for brands, businesses, and individuals. These plugins take the time and effort out of social media strategy by using smart automation, integration, and outreach tools. I hope you have found something that can help make your life easier, or visit CodeCanyon to see even more WordPress social media plugins.

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