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8 Principles of Successful Landing Page Design

A landing page is the most important part of the website. Let me share an interesting fact about the landing page with you. When you will compare and analyze different pages to find out what makes them interesting you will reach the conclusion that they all are the same.

The web development experts have formulated the same rules for all types of landing pages to assure that they will be easy to develop. The main purpose of every home page is to increase conversions, and this is what that has been done here.

While you are creating your own landing page remember that there are some core rules that you will have to follow. These principles will help you increase the conversion rate of your website. Here we have the list of landing page design rules that you would never like to break.

1. Pay attention to the top section

The top section of your landing page is very important, and it requires mot of your attention.

  • The visitors will only search the home page in the F format.
  • They will start with the topmost area. Most of the visitors will pay special attention to what you have in front.
  • Some of them might scroll down a little to see what you have in store at the bottom.
  • An important thing to remember is that 90% of your visitors will never scroll down to see what is at the bottom of the page.

It means that if the lowers section is plain it will not be as harmful as the top section being clean. You have to add some interactive options and navigation sections that will make your visitors visit other pages and products as well. The time your visitors will spend on your website depends on the top section.

2. Interactive headlines

As we already mentioned that the top section is very important and the biggest attraction in that part of the page is your headline. You have to make sure that your headline is interactive and it should make the visitors connected.

In the one line, you will get you have to write something with such expertise that the problem your customers have and how your products can help to resolve them should be mentioned. It is important that you get as creative as possible because that is the only way to show your visitors that you care about their problems. In the headline show them the solution that you have to make them stay and navigate further.

The font of the headline should be clear, simple and easy to read. If your background is dark the headline should have a light color and vice versa so that it would be visible. Make sure that it is the first thing your customers will see when they land on your home page.

3. Add pictures and videos to build trust

Recently, there have been so many online scams and cyber thefts that people find it hard to trust the online websites. That is why you have to get the trust of your visitors. Keep in mind that when the customers will land on your website only in the first few seconds they will decide that whether you are trustworthy or not.

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So you have only a few seconds and you have to make the most out of it. the best way is to add pictures, infographics, and videos regarding your business. some of the ideas you can use are.

  • Add images if you have products like clothes and food items. assure that the pictures have been manually taken and not some kind of image you got from google
  • If you are providing some services to the customers, you can add an infographic with all the information. They are easy to read, and customers will get the perfect idea regarding your business.
  • For the products that belong to the technological field, you can add video tutorials to show your customers how they can use it.

4. Add a trust badge to attract visitors

One of the most important rules of landing page design you have to follow is the addition of the trust badge. It is a special type of certification that will allow you to show your customers that your services are authentic. It will provide them the surety that they can file a claim for your services.

There are different types of trust badges and certifications that you can add. Make sure that they have been placed in the location where your visitors can see them clearly. Keep in mind that if you have a trust badge so will your rivals. Assure that you have the best and most authentic one.

5. Write engaging and SEO optimized content

Do not forget to pay attention towards the content that you have in your online store. Whether it is a blog or the details regarding your services, remember they have a huge impact on your customer’s decision-making power.

Experts say that content is the king and you can make it reachable with the search engine optimization. You have to write interactive blogs and pages. Make sure to include the problems that your customers are facing and their solutions. It will increase the leads towards your page.

While writing the content you have to make it SEO optimized with the addition of some interesting keywords and links. Search engines consider such pages positive and important and so they are ranked higher in the search results. You have to assure that your landing page is the first that your customers will click and content is the only way to make it possible.

6. Pay attention to testing your landing page

A common mistake that most of us make is that we do not analyze and test the performance of our landing page. It is important to know that how the site is performing. It will help us to find out the errors that we have made and how we can improve them.

It is fact that after a few months the rules for optimization and other features changes. It means that you will have to update your site to maintain the higher ranking. Sometimes we make the changes that might not generate positive results and the only way to find it out is through testing. The most reliable form of testing is A/B testing.

Once you will start to test your home page you will make the required improvements in the limited time. It will help you to enhance the overall experience of your visitors and so they will prefer visiting your page often to fulfill their needs.

7. Never add too many links

While you are designing the landing page you have to assure that you do not add many links. Links might be beneficial for the blogs but they do not have a good effect on the landing page. The reason is that when there are too many links the visitors will get distracted. In this way, you will not get the chance to convey the real message regarding your products.

It does not mean that you should not add even a single link. Some of the important links that you can add in the landing page are that related to the reviews or the testimonials that your customers have shared regarding your products. Once they will see the positive review and rating of your platform there are chances that the visitors will surely come back for more.

8. Call to action should make the visitors take some action

The most important rule that you have to follow is adding the call to action. Now it can be in the beginning of the page or at the end. It should show the customers that you are right for them so that they can make the decision quickly. Some of the important tips of writing an interesting landing page are.

  • To encourage the customers to act quickly you should add the fear of missing out the deal.
  • If you want to clearly communicate with the visitors always start with the Verb.
  • You should add the numbers in the call to action because it will help to gain the trust of the visitors.
  • Powerful words should be selected to make the customers take some action. You should make them excited about the products and services you are offering.


Resigning the landing page is not an easy task. you have to understand that how your clients will navigate the pages in order to adjust them properly. There are many interesting apps available online that will allow you to design and optimize your page but there are several features that only a developer can provide you with. Alternately, you can follow web development blog to learn more about design and development.

Make sure that you select the option you are most comfortable with. Whether you are going to select a developer or an application you have to pay attention towards the services they are providing. Consider your budget as well because that is the best way to finalize the best deal.

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