7 Time-Saving Tools for Software Developers in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed the world towards an immense era of technical advancements. Most experts agree that we have witnessed almost a decade worth of technological progress within the last year. Almost every industry in the world has become dependent on Computer software and smartphone apps to achieve this progress.

Software developers need to maintain uninterrupted workflow during critical software applications programming. However, this workflow also gets interrupted quite often due to potential tangents or switching work contexts. Thankfully, several digital tools can save them a lot of time for an optimally productive workflow. These are some of the best ones, in our opinion.


Snyk is one of the best software composition analysis tools that can look for vulnerabilities in software that use open source inputs or containers and fix them. Developers can integrate Snyk with their workflow seamlessly, which allows them to monitor the software during production. It enables them to release software and applications at a fast rate without compromising code security.

Snyk has been widely adopted by several leading companies, such as Google, MasterCard, Salesforce, BBC, Skyscanner, and Intuit. More than 400,000 developers use Snyk to automate the process of finding and fixing vulnerabilities that may occur in code repositories or serverless functions.

Developers can also integrate Snyk across the AWS toolset, including Lambda, CodeCommit, and CodeBuild. They can also use the tool to find and fix vulnerable areas found in software containers and Kubernetes applications. It helps them to accelerate the process of delivering cloud-native software and applications.

Snyk can detect anomalies appearing in registries like Amazon Container Registry. It also provides the appropriate directions to remedy such vulnerabilities. Developers can also use Snyk to monitor clusters for services like Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service to provide software protection after deployment.


Developers often need to share knowledge and streamline team workflow to produce valuable work. Instead of relying on manual methods, they can use Codestream to complete discussions and code reviews.

Codestream supports almost every programming language so that developers can use it for regular group problem-solving sessions. It also enables the developers to strengthen their quality of codebase in the process. Is an effective tool that developers can use to save time and effort on testing their codes. It provides a complete end-to-end testing solution through a single API call, which makes it much more efficient than most in-house automated testing methods.

Developers can simply send their codes for testing through the CLI with appropriate instructions. The AI-based tool translates those instructions and builds an automatic code testing model that generates results within minutes.

The outputs generated by are extremely reliable since the team monitors every test to point out false positives or false negatives. In such cases, they usually rebuild the entire model to generate accurate results. Developers can include the process directly into their CI/CD pipelines.

The Silver Searcher

The Silver Searcher is a popular tool amongst developers to read and sift through codes. It saves them the time and effort to use Windows and Linux operating systems for the same purpose. The Silver Searcher has outranked most source court search tools in terms of speed. It can also ignore file patterns from .gitignore and .hgignore to achieve better results.


As we mentioned before, distractions and switching contexts are the two biggest challenges faced by developers, which makes it difficult for them to focus on complex coding. That is why many developers use Dewo as their personal assistant for deep work.

The tool uses AI to analyze developer’s productive patterns and performance, which allows it to provide behavioral insights that help in improving the way they work. Dewo also prevents diversions like social media notifications or spam emails from disturbing developer’s focus to achieve better quality work every day.

The tool also updates the developer’s Slack status in a state of a constant workflow, thus creating a distraction-free environment. It can also schedule meetings intelligently by observing preferences and productive patterns for better focus.


Developers often find that they lack the right tools to collaborate with remote team members using Zoom or Slack. That is why many developers prefer to use Tuple, as it has been designed specifically for connecting programmers.

It offers a user interface with screen sharing and a provision for remote access on slow Internet connections. Tuple offers 5K video streaming quality along with better memory usage efficiency. An average call on Tuple uses less memory than an idle Google Chrome browser.


Timely is an effective tool that helps developers manage their time by automatically capturing all of their activities. It will record the time they spend on every desktop and web-based application on a private timeline, which gives them complete self-accountability.

Developers can also check how long they have spent for active coding, managing tickets, and Git commits. They will also get detailed information on how much time to spend in structuring their work and communicating regarding their projects. The tool enables them to monitor how they have distributed their time across various projects and tasks, so they can take appropriate actions if required.

The AI interface removes the need for manual timing and notetaking by generating accurate timesheets and outsourcing all low-value tasks. Developers can monitor their performance breakdowns to optimize their daily and weekly working capacity.

Maintaining workflow can significantly affect productivity and accuracy for developers. They often have to deal with a constant increase in work pressure in today’s technology-oriented environment.

Therefore, it is natural that they have to rely on various tools to minimize manual efforts and optimize results. We believe that most professional developers should rely on the tools we have discussed in the article to save time and maximize productivity in 2021.

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