5 Tips for Building the Best Web Dev LinkedIn Profile

In the same way that websites need to be marketed, web developers and designers should also advertise themselves and their highly coveted skills. Building the best web dev LinkedIn profile is essential. Being a web developer and designer (and all other careers in between) is paramount in creating the internet both that we enjoy now and also that we will all enjoy in the future.

How can we market yourselves as professionals in this industry? Is it possible to make yourself and your work stand out from thousands of web developers and designers in the world? How can I make a client (or a company) hire me instead of others? These are just some questions we need to ask ourselves when creating our resumes and portfolios. One good way to combine both is to create a LinkedIn profile.

Here are some tips on building an impressive LinkedIn profile:

The Profile Photo Matters

Highlighting achievements and skills is of utmost importance in creating a LinkedIn profile. However, there are some little things that can affect how others will look at your achievements just like the profile photo. Remember, first impressions always last, and usually, the Human Resource representative will look at your photo first of all. Make sure that your photo is recent, wear clothes that usually wear to work, and relax. There are tons of tips on how to pick the right LinkedIn photo online. But basically, it’s all about looking decent, unforgettable, and professional.

Submit LinkedIn Content

Not only can you advertise your skills through a well-thought-out profile, but you can also gain credibility through publications. Users can post long-form content and contribute to the wide variety of publications within LinkedIn. You can use these posts or content to start conversations and establish expertise in the industry. Written and published work can also increase interactions through comments.

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LinkedIn SEO

As professionals in this industry, we all know that SEO is key for online visibility. In the same way, treat your profile as a website and make sure that important SEO rules apply. For instance, list down keywords that you want to associate with (Web Dev, Developer, CSS, HTML, web design, are a few examples). Make sure these keywords are in your headline, job descriptions, summary, and job title.

LinkedIn profile URL

Creating a customized URL for your LinkedIn profile makes it easier for clients and employers to find it. It is the easiest way to create a unique profile and differentiate your account from all others of the same name. Remember, sharing LinkedIn URLs are common when applying for jobs. Not only will it make your profile easier to find, but it also goes to show that you know what you are doing. This also boosts credibility.

Grow your network

This is what is most relevant in creating a LinkedIn profile. Usually, when we submit resumes when applying for work we need to submit character references. When the client sees your network and affiliations, they would not need to doubt your claims. Not only that, people can gain great work from LinkedIn connections. Through the network, users can get endorsements as well. You may want to politely ask your previous client or employer to endorse you on their profiles.

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