5 Best Product Review WordPress Plugins for Your Online Store

If you’re an indie web designer or developer looking to launch their latest app or software in the market, consider using the right product review plugin.

It provides readers with an overview of what you and other customers think about the product or software you’re selling. Since you’re working with a skeletal workforce, if not just yourself, you need all the help you can get to get more buyers of your product. This is what the review plugin accomplishes for you.

At the same time, setting up reviews for your products has other benefits. Again, your decision on which plugin to use boils down to how you want to feature reviews of products on your websites.

This post features five of the best product review plugins you can use for your website.

#1 – Schema – All in one Rich snippet


As mentioned, featuring a review or reviews about your product is beneficial even if people haven’t been on your page yet. That’s because the rating or review may appear on Google search in the form of rich snippets.

Instead of just the page title and description, a review snippet shows you the product’s star rating, the number of reviews it received, and others. The information found here on organic search encourages users to click on the page to learn more about the product.

This is precisely what the Schema plugin does. By providing your product reviews with additional information that will show up when they appear on search results, you can increase their click-through rates and drive more traffic to your site.

Aside from reviews, the plugin also supports other Schema types such as Event, People, Recipe, and others.

#2 – WP Review Pro

wp review

With WP Review Pro, allow readers and customers to review the product on your page. Their rating also counts in the page’s rich snippets—the more reviews the product gets on your post, the more impressive it becomes to searchers.

There’s also an option to publish a full-blown review of your product written by your customers or a journalist. Using the same plugin, you can customize the widget by choosing pre-designed templates and multiple rating systems. The beautiful review widget on the page summarizes everything readers need to know about the product, such as its pros and cons, star ratings for each factor, and your verdict.

Once you’ve decided on its appearance, you can place it anywhere on the page using a shortcode or by automatically inserting it before or after

#3 – WP Social Ninja

wp social ninja

If your product is already gaining traction and has a couple of customer reviews published online, it’s best to gather as many as you can and publish them on the site. After all, readers tend to trust what other customers say about a product since they are generally objective and mostly unbiased.

Using WP Social Ninja, you can import product reviews from different sources such as Amazon, Trustpilot, AliExpress, and others. You can control which reviews to show to help shed a positive light on the product.

Once you’re done setting up the review, you can choose from multiple templates and adjust the look and feel of the layout to fit your site’s theme.

#4 – Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

customer reviews for woocommerce

If you’re running your site using WooCommerce, you want to build buzz by getting customers to share their thoughts about them. In this case, Customer Reviews will help generate more interest in your business.

Upon installing this plugin, you can set it up to send an email to people days after purchasing a product from your store. It asks them to leave a product review on a page on your site. You can also offer discounts in exchange for reviews to inspire customers to take action.

Using this plugin allows you to automate getting reviews for your products.

#5 – Photo Reviews for WooCommerce

woocommerce photo review

If words don’t do justice to a review, take a photo of it! That’s what the Photo Reviews plugin allows customers to do, which is to leave photos as part of the review.

It works the same way as the Customer Reviews plugin does: send an email to customers days after purchasing a product on your site. However, instead of just sharing their thoughts in words, customers can upload photos of the product along with their reviews.

This plugin is essential, especially if you’re selling physical products and goods on your site. You can even use the photos to share on your Facebook and Instagram (with permission from the customer, of course)!


Using any of the plugins before will help you sell your product much easier if you’re doing web design or development independently.

Let’s face it: it’s not enough to simply create a kickass website or write product descriptions like a boss with help from TopContent. You need a component on your website that allows your audience to relate to the products you’re selling. And reviews can do exactly that.

So, by showing people what you and customers think of the product, you help them make an informed decision about your product in the hopes of turning them into customers as well!

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