Yellow Marshmallow

30 Warm Examples of Yellow Website Layouts

Any color enthusiast will know how important it is to pick the right color scheme. A creative project can be vastly affected by the seemingly harmless choice of colors. This is especially true for websites that require a lot of user interaction, since the user’s focus will be constantly locked onto the screen.

Yellow tends to permeate warmth, brilliance, light, and happiness. When mixed in a scheme containing other colors, contrasting ideas can be built into the layout. Take a peek at this gallery of yellow layout examples for modern web designs. Picking your color scheme is a tough job, but having references from other websites can provide a robust starting point.

Yellow Marshmallow

Greyp Bikes



Bark PR

Mooze Design


Profound Grid


belVita Breakfast

Uplers E-mail

David Yarde

The Basement

Kristian Bediiako

Crafting Type

Roome Partners



Dilla’s Donuts



Memory Cloud



We Make Fab School


Design Inspire


Yellow Telescope

Browser History

Pfeffer & Frost


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