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2020 Best Designed Websites

Have you ever been to a site, and you keep admiring all the contents? It can be a photo, a beautiful video, or even your favorite colors. Whatever keeps you glued on the website is known as user experience. When interacting with such sites, you can search for IT companies near me to get how the concept is done.

What makes designs attractive and unique is UX trends. It is all about making the customers or users enjoy every bit of the time spent when navigating through the website. UX is a trend that keeps changing to improve the performance of a website.

The reason to incorporate the latest UX trends to your website is to improve the performance of your business, attract new customers, and make massive sales. Bloggers benefit from such trends when there is much traffic towards their blogs and when their content is shared. It is vital to remember that most customers judge a website by its appearance. This means that as you create the website, keep the interests of the targeted audience in mind.

Best UX trends that define a good website design

Outlined below are the best UX trends along with the best website designs in 2020.

The title welcomes the users so make sure it has a clear message to keep the visitors glued. Apart from this, make use of excellent colors and animations, but do not overdo it.

Seriously Unsweetened

Seriously unsweetened represents the best design in 2020. It shows a sparkling water brand displaying cool colors behind clear bottles. It is built on a square space with a simple to scan visual flow. The logo is implemented to stress on brand recognition.

The homepage is made with attractive colors to capture the attention of the viewers. Consider eliminating complicated designs to reduce the rate at which visitors leave the website. Once you remove the intricate designs, the loading page increases and focuses on the brand.


Lemonade is a website with a conversational user interface that provides quotes within a few minutes. It is a one-page website with scattered action buttons that make it easy to navigate. The site has a high level of user interaction because of the use of chatbots. Everything about Lemonade is perfect to the extent that any user who visits the website can’t leave immediately.

Crypton Trading

This is a website for trading cryptocurrencies through the use of artificial intelligence to oversee the latest trends and optimum buying periods. The animations used will make you keep scrolling because every scroll presents a new idea. If you know JavaScript, then you have the advantage to choose from different animations features.

However, excessive use of the scrolls feature reduces loading speed which could bore users. Better not overuse it.


Harry’s is a men’s razor company that specializes in the use of mobile performance to pass the information. This is the best move, especially now that many users have smartphones, and most of the activities take place online. If you are looking forward to creating an e-commerce shop, consider using the latest themes used in mobiles. Keep promotions simple, clear, and they should not last long. Make sure you use professional photos for the products.

Leandro Pedretti

If you are looking forward to creating a personal website, Leandro Pedretti is the best example to use. The site is built on Wix, something that stimulates the visual appearance of the website. The header has a video that clearly defines what the website is all about.

The use of videos is vital because they easily define emotions related to the products and services of the website. Remember, the content should be short, precise, and fun to read.

Apple’s iPhone

The best feature on the Apple website is the use of an appealing photo – the images used are of high quality that triggers massive sales. When you want to create a website, do not be afraid to spend it. Use money and invest your time to create something that will appeal in the eyes of your targeted audience.


A website is the best platform where you can interact with your audience and market your products. However, nothing good comes easy. So when creating a website, know your target audience then use the latest UX trends to create a friendly website. Above all, keep reading the newest trends to keep your website up-to-date.

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