Is SEO a fast strategy?

If you have been told that SEO is a fast process, then you have been told this by somebody who hasn’t been completely truthful. Yes. Some SEO can be incredibly quick. You could start today and be ranking at the top of the searches in a couple of weeks. The problem? Well, you are not going to be ranking for the searches that matter. Let’s take a look.

Is SEO a fast strategy?

Not if you want real, sustainable results, no. SEO is a process that may take many months before you start to see a return on your investment. It is a neverending process too. Since search engines such as Google are constantly changing their algorithms. This means that once you are at the top of the searches, you can’t really rest on your laurels. You need to be actively working on your SEO.

That being said, for most, months is a ‘fast’ strategy. This won’t necessarily rank you for the most lucrative of searches, but at least you will be seeing a return on your SEO investment.

What dictates how fast SEO is done?

Obviously, the experience of the SEO company you are working with will have a major impact on the speed SEO is done. However, this is not the only factor.

Perhaps the biggest factor will be the keywords that you are ranking of. We won’t lie here. There are some keywords that you can get ranked for in no more than a week or so. However, since these are not getting any sort of traffic from those keywords, it would be nigh on impossible to rank for them. Mildly competitive keywords can take a couple of months. Although, this is going to be dependent on how active in SEO everybody else is for that keyword! If you have some big competition (i.e. companies that are heavily investing in their SEO), then it could take a lot longer to rank.

There are some keywords i.e. the most competitive ones, that you could never hope to rank for. It is a lost cause. So, you should never pursue them. If you did, it could take years and a LOT of money spent. It really isn’t worth it.

What does it mean when somebody promises me a really fast ranking?

If an SEO company promises you ‘fast’ results, then you may want to ask a little bit about what they mean by fast results. If they say a few months, then this is fine. If they say a couple of weeks, then you may want to back away. This could mean several things, including:

  • Ranking you for keywords that do not get searched
  • Using techniques that could result in your site being penalized
  • Promise you something that they really, really can’t do. They just want your money.

So, in summary; SEO is not a fast strategy. Compared to other marketing strategies it is pretty slow. However this strategy from   is the strategy that will deliver you longterm results at the most affordable price.

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