17 Home Office Setup Ideas for Web Designers and Developers

Coffee, music, YouTube channels, and procrastination— only a handful of things can make your day when it comes to increasing productivity but ,none of them are as complete as having a home office setup. It makes a world of difference where and how you work especially if you work from home. Hence, some home office setup ideas are in order.

The thing is, your creative energy is better used for your job and not doing trial and error with what completes your office, so we’re here to give you some inspiration or suggestions for your home office setup. This way, all you have to do is select and follow their design philosophies or methods and apply them to your workspace.

We have compiled some of the cleanest, most comfortable, and most unique home office setup ideas for you while you work from home. So, regardless of whether you’re in quarantine or not, these are some of the best and most aesthetically pleasing professional temples.

Chris Coyier’s

Home Office Setup

Not all of us have the luxury of having windows available in our home offices. However, having a window nearby so you can peek out to the world momentarily while working is valuable to your mental health. Not only does it ward off the cabin fever, but it also makes your workspace seem bigger than it is. Just ignore the messy cables.

Falken Creative’s

Home Office Setup

Apart from having a nearby window to make your work more tolerable, the table can also give you a huge advantage in keeping things tidy and organized. That’s what stands out in Falken Creative’s idea for a workspace where the two-tiered table gives you a healthy monitor level as well as additional storage space.

Bespoke Kitchen’s

Home Office Setup

Look, not everyone has the luxury of space when it comes to home offices. Sometimes, a lot of us have to make do with what little we have. Thankfully, bookshelves should be abundant in your home and you can even turn some of them into makeshift work tables. Bonus points if you make it in the kitchen where the fridge and coffee maker are easily accessible.

Office Wordspace’s

Home Office Setup

Circular or curved tables might not be the best for space, but the elegance and the fluidity they bring to your office are next to nothing. It’s like they’re made for your body and your chair-swiveling habits. Everywhere you turn, there’s an accessible platform! No need to move your chair, just rotate in place; fewer distractions and annoyances.

Erik Weir’s

Windows at the back of the monitor eliminate the glare and the lamp is great for night shift work. Meanwhile, the vertical monitor can be the digital assistant you’ve always wanted but didn’t know you had. It’s great for multitasking and organizing your extensive excel sheets or anything long and tiresome to look at on a horizontal monitor.

Extra Widescreen Setup’s

Three monitors are always better than one, especially if you’re doing several tasks at once and need to keep track of many things simultaneously. The backlighting on the monitors also adds some aesthetic flair. And let’s not forget that awesome television at the top. It’s a great way to spend your breaks or break the ice.

Lights On’s

No windows? No worries, you can still reduce the eye strain and stress levels by having a minimalist and clean area. The multiple lamps also help keep your focus on your work and let you turn the room’s lights off to make it easy on your eyes. The key here is keeping everything as minimalistic and as tidy as possible.

The Tiny Project’s

Here’s something new and for those of you with scarce spaces in your houses. It comes from a tiny mobile house and is commonly used there as a compromise to comfort and space. It’s practically a foldaway table attached to the wall which you can clean up if you don’t need it. The downside is that desktop computers might not be viable for this kind of setup.


The clean look and the super-tidy wiring to keep your OCD in check is truly spectacular. But what really sets up the piece here is the permanent and legless table. Since it can support less weight, the heavier and messier things tend to be placed at the bottom, making the surface area more minimalist and cleaner.

Samantha Warren’s

Plants. That’s what a lot of setups are missing. Having some greenery in your workspace ensures that you’re not the only thing alive at that table. Besides, keeping plants alive requires discipline and organization. Learning both will help you in the long run. Just be careful with water, of course.

Txuma Campos Desk

For most people, the best color that can provoke introspection and creative thoughts is white. It’s a blank slate and lets you imagine many things freely. That’s the idea in this design. Even the LED lights are also white and the glass table is lightly colored to reflect the white lighting. You would need an equally white wall for it but it’s worth it.


Now, some of you might be more productive when resting at a certain position instead of sitting. After all, sitting is the new smoking, so lying in bed while you work is acceptable as well. It does require some custom-made equipment but if you do manage to pull it off, then consider yourself bedridden for most of the day.

Andy Soward’s

Do you live in a nice neighborhood? If so and you like seeing what goes on outside, this kind of home office setup would be a delight. Take advantage of your huge windows to let some natural light in while you’re busy working online. It would be great to take some respite once in a while and look at the view outside.

Danny Choo’s

Some people get creative ideas from arts and crafts like dolls, paintings, and figurines. If that’s the case for you, maybe putting them on display on your work desk can provide some inspiration. They also add a bit of artsy-ness and color to an otherwise stark work desk.

David L’s

Not everyone works well under the shining light of the sun. Some people actually get more productive when they’re working while cooped up in a cozy area. Change up your room lights to warm white so you can get that relaxing vibe while working from home.

Luke Whitson’s

Using a round wide table for your home office setup has a lot of benefits. One of these is being able to prop up several screens or displays for your use. This can be especially helpful for people who require more than two monitors for their work. It can also double up as a gaming setup if you like.

Mike Svensson’s

Do you work better at night? This home office setup looks like a dream for night owls. It’s clean and dark but you still have a lamp on your desk for when you need light to work. The table also offers a wide space if you need to make sketches and the like. 

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