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17 Best Interactive Websites in 2020

Building interactive websites is one of the best ways to improve engagement and experience for audiences. These kinds of websites create content with which users could interact with. There is a multitude of interactive websites available on the internet. The more playful and controllable a website design is, the more interesting it becomes for users.

There are varying degrees of engagement for any interactive website. Designers could design it primarily for navigation or control (scrolling or clicking). But nowadays, designers also use this design method to present content.

Creating playable or controllable websites does not end with just increasing user engagement. It also allows improved page visibility when it comes to search engine result rankings. Not only will the website be enjoyable for users, but it will also be beneficial when it comes to the monetization of websites.

Story Telling and Interactive Websites

One of the newest ways of maximizing user interaction in websites would be through storytelling. Users could choose how they want to interact with the website. The interaction does not just end with the animation and the sounds. The audience is given a means of controlling the story and the characters as well.

These are some examples for your inspiration:

Pierre Herme Nicolas Buffe

The Boat

Oat the Goat

My Grandmother’s Lingo

Christmas Guide

Playable Websites

Game websites are the most common kinds of websites that maximize user interaction. These kinds of page designs also use the most basic concept of website interaction. Creating interactive features is for any website is not easy, but multiple tutorials on the internet could get you started.

These are some examples for your inspiration:


Rock Paper Scissors Page


Bouncy Cats

Interactive Navigation

This is taking a different approach to user interaction. The designers used the concept to allow users to navigate through the website. Some use games to help their readers explore the categories or menu. Others use animated sliders or menu bars to keep their users engaged with the content.

These are some examples for your inspiration:

Bruno Simon



Species in Pieces

Parallax Websites

These are kinds of interactive websites that use visuals to present their content. Usually, these websites do not have a conventional presentation of content categories. Moving sketches or animated backgrounds with no upward-downward or left-right directions are common.

These are some examples for your inspiration:


Kati Forner


Brand Studio

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