16 Vintage Halloween Print Ads

Halloween has been celebrated for centuries. The idea of spookiness and hauntings are always fun. Scaring your neighbors on Hallow’s eve is always a joy. Putting up all the cobwebs, fake spiders, plastic skulls, and jack-o-lanterns is a good bonding experience for families. Thinking up pranks and tricks to scare away Trick or Treaters is even more fun.  Halloween celebrations are now much more toned down than it used to, with more focus on the treats than the tricks.

For any web design, going vintage is a common trend. Bringing back up the old strategies of design can give any website, landing page, or blog a unique look for the holidays. Maybe creating your own ads, promotional banners, and backgrounds may be necessary to create a vintage Halloween vibe. How did they celebrate halloween, once upon a time? Did they also do all these tricks we now do? Did they decorate with cobwebs and fake blood? Did they also dress up like famous celebrities and not just scary characters? How did they really do it back then?

There are multiple inspirational ideas available on the internet. Maybe some of these incredible vintage print ads can give us an idea of how they used to celebrate Halloween back in the day:

The Story of the Black Cat

Halloween and Insurance

Shoe ad for Halloween

Weeny Witch Masks

A Bargain for Candies

A Halloween Party Invite

Easy going Halloween Parties

Tricks and RAISINS treats

Kids, Witches, and pumpkins

Another Halloween Party invite

Black cat greetings

Cereal Halloween Treat Packs

Sunkist Halloween Punch

Vintage Halloween Greetings

A Knight’s Halloween Ale

Lucky Strike Halloween Poster

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