Why You Should Invest in Paid Social Media in 2017

Engage Customers, Convert Consumers, and Distribute Content with Paid Social Media!

Social Media has become a powerful tool for every business today and thus making it an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. Paid social media is one of the most cost effective means to engage and convert customers. It’s important to follow a holistic approach to achieve long term success with digital marketing. Paid social media is one approach that allows you to drive more qualified traffic to your business. With the right strategy and execution, it’s a great opportunity with a high payoff.

It has been reported that there is a significant increase in social media advertising. Instagram has about 600 million users, 50% of which are following a business. Over one billion people are using Facebook messenger and its global users spend around 50 minutes a day on average using the Facebook platform. This indicates the huge potential of utilizing social media for businesses.

In this blog, we lay out three reasons why your business should invest in paid social media this year.

Best Ad Technology

Social media offers some of the most innovative and powerful ad units. They are available in such a way that makes it easy for marketers to use and execute. Targeting is further facilitated by social media as there are advanced technologies available to help you connect with your customers. For instance, Lookalike Audiences is an effective audience expansion tool of Facebook. It helps you in finding potential clients similar to those who regularly visits your site.

Boosts Other Channels

By now, most business owners know that they should be exercising channels such as SEO in their online marketing campaigns. But over time, the differences between SEO and social media have started to become obsolete. The reason being that social media now has influence to sway these channels in many ways, be it positively or negatively. For instance: A successful SEO campaign relies on a solid content marketing strategy. So what would be the best way to share this content online? If you answered “social media”, you are correct! Sharing your content through social networks will not only maximize exposure for your brand but also increases the number of high-quality links pointing to your website. Moreover, this will help improve your conversion rates.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile research has increased significantly over the years. Social media has fundamentally cracked the code on mobile marketing. As consumers have shifted to mobile devices – whether for research, work, or communications – people now spend a lot of their time on social media. This allows you to reach your audience with just a few clicks since social media eliminates the need to fill forms. You can generate quality leads in a cost effective manner through social media campaigns as long as you have a strong mobile strategy to maximize your results.

Marketers need to be sure to find creative ways to deliver their message to their audience. Your content will need to be entertaining and informative to capture and retain the attention of your audience. In order for you to reach the right digital audience and in real time, social media will need to be an essential part of your marketing strategy. Get in touch with us to get more information about social media marketing.

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