What To Know to Create a Better UX Blockchain Design

Blockchain is an emerging technology that not many people are still familiar with. While it is trying to slowly integrate itself into our daily lives, it’s still not fully utilized since not many people see its use. Moreover, not many people specialize in designing solely for blockchain or have experience designing one. If you’re planning on designing a blockchain website or app, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Don’t Use Jargons

One reason why blockchain (and cryptocurrency) is hard to get into is because of the unfamiliar words. There’s a lot of terms like decentralization, mining, hash functions, and even automated trading bots like https://bitcoins-union.com. It’s intimidating and uninviting. If you’re aiming to create a better UX experience, minimize the use of jargons as much as possible. Simplify words as much as possible in layman’s terms.

By using words that are simple, you are able to get your message across clearly. If you are trying to invite more people to get into blockchain, simplifying the words can break down the thought that says blockchain is complicated to understand. Now, even someone who is not tech-savvy can easily understand your design.

User-centric Design

To create a better UX design, it’s obvious that you should be designing with the users in mind. There are several things that you should know before starting on your blockchain design. First is you need to identify the purpose of your UX blockchain design, who will be using it, and why is it needed. Identify your potential audience. By identifying, you will know what your UX design will need and won’t need. Interact with the audience – do interviews, surveys, and go through beta tests.

Creating a design prototype and having it tested will ensure if your design is truly user-centric. Your UX design will only be effective if your users can actually use it. By constantly engaging with them, asking for their opinions, and what you can improve, you will be able to launch a UX design that will meet the general public’s expectations.

Added Security

When you mention blockchain, cryptocurrency usually comes along with it. To store cryptocurrencies, people use digital wallets. When it comes to anything digital, people are still wary of the security of things. Unlike cold, hard cash that you can physically see and hold, cryptocurrencies are just represented by the numbers you see on your crypto wallet. To ensure your users that their money will be safe, security is should also be a priority when you’re designing. The hard thing about cryptocurrencies is that once it’s gone, you can’t get them back anymore.

Probably one of the best ways to ensure security in your app is to add a two-factor authentication feature. Some apps, mostly bank apps, have these features to avoid any stealing or hacking. By adding that extra level of security, you are not only giving your users peace of mind that their money is safe, but it also builds trust and credibility with your UX design.

Build Trust

Speaking of trust, that is also another thing you have to keep in mind when designing for blockchain. People start to use things because they give them a piece of their trust. For a design that prioritizes user experience, building trust between your app/website and your users is very important. There are two ways you can do that spell trustworthiness to your users.

The first one is the appearance of your design. If your design is of quality and is consistent with the branding you are creating, people will tend to believe in its credibility. The consistency of your design includes your visuals, text styles, and even logos and icons that you use. The second thing to do to build trust is to be transparent with your users. Transparency will play a big part in building trust. In your UX design, there should be a disclosure of information and comprehensive content. This gives your users a full grasp of your product and it also says that you know what you are doing.

Get Feedback

As it is with any user-centric design, users’ feedback is always important. Getting feedback doesn’t stop prior to releasing a blockchain app/design. It is a process that continues even after you have launched your design. By constantly getting feedback, you will be able to update your design according to your users’ current needs. This will also help in constantly improving the UX design of your blockchain app/website.

Another type of feedback that you should also add to your design is validation and confirmation. Whenever a user makes a transaction through your app/website, the user should always get some sort of feedback confirming the user’s actions. It may seem such a simple thing, but adding that feature really contributes to a great UX design.

A great UX design helps in making your app or website or program in standing out – even in blockchain. There are tons of apps right now that cater to blockchain and cryptocurrency needs – and most of them usually have the same functions. To be able to compete on equal standing on those in the market right now, a brilliant UX design will be an important factor.


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