What Makes Slider Revolution the Best WordPress Slider Plugin?

In the crowded online arena, sites are constantly vying for readers’ and viewers’ attention, and new information is released every second. Just placing images, text, and videos on your website is not enough to build a web presence. How you tell your story and deliver your ideas matters. 

That’s where the Slider Revolution plugin comes in: to help you tell your story and deliver your ideas visually using dynamic advanced slides. Slider Revolution is simply the best WordPress slider plugin available today.

There is a reason Slider Revolution is the most popular, powerful, and best-selling WordPress
plugin today. It has over 4 million users and is used by 2.5 million websites including blogs, eCommerce sites, many business and social platforms and so on. It is highly rated in the CodeCanyon marketplace and has 85% approval and five star rating.

What Can You Do With Slider Revolution?

Here are just a few of the things you can create using Slider Revolution:

  • image sliders and carousels
  • featured posts sliders
  • social media feeds 
  • media galleries 
  • hero blocks and front pages
  • whiteboard video creator
  • and more! 

Why is Slider Revolution so Popular?

Wondering what makes the Slider Revolution the best WordPress slider plugin? First, it has tons of impressive features and settings: stunning free and premium templates, free themes, a free object library, a whiteboard video creator and more. Here are a few of it’s stand-out features. 

Slider Revolution Features

The free object library contains background images, font icons, SVG and transparent PNG objects to help you build profession sliders and front pages. 

The drag-and-drop builder, which lets you create slides visually, is easy to use. You don’t need coding knowledge to create professional and beautiful slides or front pages. You also have control over all details of your sliders. 

You don’t have to build a slider from scratch. You just choose a template you want and replace words and images. Options to choose from include standard sliders, hero scenes, or carousel slider. 

In addition, it has slider layout options like auto, full-width, or full-screen layout. With the auto-layout option you can select your slider size using exact pixel measurements. 

You can make the slider responsive so it can easily adapt to desktop or mobile devices. 

You can customize sliders using drop down menus to select options like slide delays, custom fonts, parallax view, navigation arrows, slide transitions, layer animation and more. You can also save your own presets.

You don’t event need to have an existing website to use Slider Revolution. Bundled website templates from Themeplicity will help you design beautiful and professional front pages or landing pages in a few clicks. 

Slider Revolution has excellent social media integration and can display images, videos, posts or products from platforms such as: Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and WooCommerce

It has great media support. You can add text links, images, or video to make your slides attention-grabbing.

You Can Count on Slider Revolution

Not only is it packed with these great features, but also you can count on Slider Revolution. It’s a mature and battle-tested plugin, built with and emphasis on performance, security, and support.

Performance: Slider Revolution can be set with lazy loading, to only  load files when required. And loaded code files automatically scale with used features—less features used means less JavaScript to load on the client. And of course it also has SEO optimization options to make your site SEO-friendly.

Documentation and Support: Excellent documentation, including lots tutorials with screenshots on their website and video tutorials, allows users with the little technical knowledge to create fully functional slides. Product support includes bug fixes, and troubleshooting when the plugin doesn’t work as it should.

Security: Regular security audits of the plugin are performed by a third party company called Dewhurst Security. Bringing in a neutral party is great for accountability and transparency. 

Pros and Cons of the Slider Revolution Plugin

Having looked at some of the features, let’s look at the pros and cons of the Slider Revolution plugin.

Pros of Slider Revolution

  • Features: The number of features packed into Slider Revolution plugin make it your one-stop shop for everything to do with sliders. 
  • Affordability: What you pay regular license for all those features is simply a steal. 
  • Easy to use: The drag and drop visual editor has many customizing options to create sliders. 
  • Excellent documentation and technical support: Thanks to clear documentation even those with no technical knowledge can use the plugin. 
  • Regular updates: the developers have been improving and fixing bugs in Slider Revolution since it was released in 2012.
  • Security: With millions of websites using Slider Revolution, third-party security audits allow for transparency and accountability and an impartial assessment of security vulnerabilities that need to be fixed. 

Cons of Slider Revolution

  • All those features and add-ons can be overwhelming to both the new learner and a seasoned creator. 
  • If you need just a simple slider, Slider Revolution might not be the right choice: unused features and options can slow down your web site.
  • There’s no free version to test drive before investing in the full plugin. However, there is an examples page, with live demos of dozens of different possibilities. 


Slider Revolution is one the best slider plugins in the market. It is easy to use—you don’t even have to know coding. It has with tons of free features and free addons and is highly affordable. 

Try the Slider Revolution live demo today! Take a look and get inspired by some of the beautiful pages that you can create with Slider Revolution. 

Slider Revolution live demos

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