JS operators

What Is a JavaScript Operator?


In JavaScript, special characters like + and -, punctuation and more can be used in different combinations to perform operations. In this video tutorial from my JavaScript Fundamentals course, you’ll see how JavaScript operators work. 

You’ll learn about the behaviour of some of the more basic operators like arithmetic operators, assignment operators, and comparison operators.

JavaScript operators example

Watch the Full Course

This was just one of 53 video lessons from the course JavaScript Fundamentals. It’s a comprehensive course that’s ideal for a beginner who wants to learn JavaScript from the ground up.

In the full course, we start at the very beginning and cover everything about the language that a beginner needs to know. Maybe you’ve never programmed anything before, or maybe you’re coming to JavaScript from another language. Whatever your situation, we’ll go through everything you need to get up and running with one of the most popular and dynamic languages in use today. 

Another great resource for aspiring JavaScript developers is the huge collection of JavaScript plugins over on Envato Market, where you can find ready-made items to speed up your development work and provide great functionality on your websites.

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