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Top 7 Membership and Custom User Login and Registration WordPress Plugins

Membership and user profiles are a very important aspect of a website. They allow you to take control of your content by it to premium members only. They also allow you to create more income from your website. Membership can also be a way to establish yourself as an authority in your particular niche. 

Login and registration pages are the first pages your users interact with when they come to your site. It’s critical to ensure that the process of registration is seamless. The design should also be attractive to ensure users don’t turn away.

A login and registration system can also be a way to protect your content or enhance your brand.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Membership Plugin

Users are the backbone of any WordPress site. It is therefore important to take your time when choosing the right membership plugin for your site. Let’s look at some of the factors you should consider before purchasing one.

Wide Range of Features

Every website will have its own requirements and the membership plugin you purchase should meet those needs. A membership plugin with a lot of features is always a safer option since if you need those features in the future you won’t have to switch to another plugin.


This refers to the ability to integrate with other plugins and add-ons. For example, if your site uses WooCommerce, ensure the membership plugin syncs with WooCommerce. You should also ensure that it is fully compatible with your theme.

Ease of Use

You should also look for a plugin which is easy to use and walks you through the process of installation and using it on your site.

Let’s look at the top membership and user login items on CodeCanyon



UserPro is a community membership plugin which is best suited for sites that offer an online community. Such sites require their users to have profiles, e.g. online learning sites, social networking sites, online forums, or dating sites. This is the perfect plugin to build an engaging community.

Features include:

  • ability to sign in with Facebook
  • beautiful user profiles
  • wide range of features—customized fields, member features, and searchable member lists
  • multiple registration forms—a wide range of login and registration forms to choose from
  • integration with payment gateways—Paypal Payment Lite integration is offered as a free add-on
  • integration with plugins such as Woocommerce, BuddyPress, MyCred and SVG Avatars
  • can also be translated into multiple languages

User Profiles made Easy

user profiles made easy

User Profiles Made Easy is the complete package when it comes to membership plugins. It comes with the ability to integrate with services including Google Docs, Gmail and Twilio. It also offers private content.

Additional features include:

  • comes with over 21 add-ons allowing you to create advanced websites
  • integrates with 100+ services
  • fully responsive and user-friendly design
  • integrates with WooCommerce
  • fully customized registration process—embed a registration form anywhere on your site and choose which fields appear during registration



ARMember is the perfect plugin for selling subscription services and products. ARMember offers you the ability to display membership models and trial periods of products or services. In terms of security, ARMember offers a wide range of built-in security options, eliminating many common security concerns.

Other features include:

  • content restriction—restrict content based on pages, posts, navigation menu, and BuddyPress pages
  • powerful and easy to use admin system to keep track of member activities 
  • supports multiple payment gateways—Paypal, Authorise.net, Stripe, 2Checkout
  • PCI compliant
  • users can hold more than one membership
  • social login
  • coupons
  • can be translated to any language



Youzer is a community and user profile plugin which is perfect for any niche. It comes with a wide range of high-quality templates to take user profiles to the next level. It comes with all the features you can think of in  terms of different color schemes, options, and fully responsive design. No matter which industry you are in, Youzer can adapt to your needs.

Features include

  • awesome design—the creators of Youzer thought of every possible color, position, and usability
  • cross-browser compatibility
  • fully-fledged social network—take social networking to the next level with features such as likes, follows, hashtags, comments, social wall, and private messages
  • unlimited profile features
  • fully customizable membership, registration, and login process
  • makes login easy with options for social login, custom registration fields, and advanced secure password reset
  • powerful admin panel allows you to manage every aspect of your site
  • comes with a wide range of widgets such as notifications, who’s online, user friends, site members, and active members 

Custom Login and Access

custom login and access

Custom Login and Access is a simple plugin that allows you to add login, registration and password reset pages to your site. It also allows you to restrict front-end access for non-logged in users by blocking posts, pages, categories, or all content.

Other features include:

  • social logins with Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and more
  • custom registration fields
  • terms and conditions in the registration page
  • users can set passwords during registration
  • can to restrict the dashboard to subscribed members only

Modal Login Register

modal login register plugin

If you are looking for a simple solution for user management on your site, Modal Login Register is the best plugin for you.

Features include:

  • add modal login, register, forgotten password forms to your site.
  • customize new registration templates to fit your needs
  • add titles and subtitles to forms
  • set redirect URLs after login and registration
  • Google reCAPTCHA during registration ensures your site is free from spam and abuse 
  • translation-ready

WP Membership

WP Membership plugin

WP Membership is a simple and easy to use membership plugin that allows you to set a subscription model for your site. You can also set a one-time or recurring payment method for members. It also allows members to upgrade, downgrade and cancel subscriptions with ease. It offers a complete package for membership with features such as:

  • a simple and easy-to-use profile section where members can manage their account settings, membership level, and billing
  • different styles to chose from for elements such as member profiles
  • searchable user directory
  • integration with MailChimp
  • supports payment gateways such as Stripe and Paypal
  • pie and line chart reporting


I hope this collection helps you find the perfect solution for your site. The plugins we have covered are just a glimpse of what CodeCanyon offers in terms of login, registration and membership solutions. Head over to the site and explore more options.

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