Tips On How To Design Your Own Invoice Template For Business

Invoices are the bread and butter of your business’s revenue, even if you’re a freelancer. It’s the preferred way to get, on paper, what exactly you need from those that owe you for your service or products. Nowadays we have the choice to make our own to our liking. Designing your own invoice is not just a cool idea, it’s a function of simplicity and understanding that applies the basic fundamentals of good design in order to avoid any and all confusion for goods and services. It’s always a great idea to have your own design when it comes to invoices, but how does one go about getting this done? Here are some great tips on how to get into designing your own invoice template.

The Right Program

Most people, when they seek guidance with designing documents, turn to Microsoft word. Now, they’re okay. It’s an adequate system for words written documents. Design, on the other hand, takes a bit of firepower. You can get a super fancy professional program and spend hours upon hours learning how to use the thing, or you can download a design invoice template program that has all the easy to use commands and buttons you need to get it done. Once you’ve got the program, you can add, drag, drop, and write. The easier it is to use, the better. A complicated design program isn’t necessarily the best one. 


Once you’ve got the right program, your next move is to fill the blank space with all the necessary information. First, you need your company name. That’s a given. But you also have to include tax ID numbers, your business address, your contact number, and a unique identification number for each and every invoice. You need to provide a space or a series of lines in order to list out all the things you’re billing for, as well as reference numbers and dates for said services. The more concise and complete it is, the more receptive the receiving end will be. Also, use an eye catching color somewhere on the document. The last thing you want is for your invoice to end up lost in a pile.

Design Principles 

Using basic design principles will allow you to get your point across without any hiccups. This may seem trivial, but it’s in the fabric of all effective documentation. This is why there are format guidelines for everything: they’re the most effective. So when it comes to your invoice, make sure you have enough space to give the full description and unique numbers of the service or good you’re billing for. It’s imperative that nothing gets swept under the rug in this field. On one side or another, depending on where you want the person to look, have a space for the amount that you’re charging for each service. Have a total, larger than all the other numbers, and tentative guidelines for the person or business you’re billing, right by the total. Why? They’ll be looking at that total over and over again. If you have special terms or guidelines, put it next to where they’ll be looking. 

Designing your own invoice template is simple. It may also spell the difference between getting paid on time and not. The design speaks to the urgency, as well as the tone of your company’s business dealings. With the right design, you can have things running smoothly and on time. 

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