The Top 10 Dos & Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing

Someone earns $ 10 a month, someone – $ 10,000 from affiliate program and between them, there are hundreds and thousands of people earning different amounts. Which group you are in depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Conditions offered by advertisers (deduction model, percentage, etc.);
  • The relevance of the topic;
  • Your skills.

It should be understood that affiliate marketing is no different from other types of earnings. You will also have to put a lot of effort into attracting interested audiences. Those who already have a core of subscribers, readers, viewers, start easier. But income depends not only on the volume of the audience but on the ability to direct it in the right direction and generate sales. On this way, you can make a lot of mistakes. Below are things to do and the 10 most common mistakes to avoid in affiliate marketing.

1. Choose a niche that you are not interested in.

It is difficult to start making money without knowledge in the chosen field, so each webmaster usually reads thematic articles or watches videos where more experienced “mentors” tell how best to start and what topics they work with. It is important to understand that this is not a direct call to action and you do not need to copy the authors of educational materials.

If you will chase exclusively for money, choosing a highly profitable niche such as forex affiliate marketing or trying to do the same, which has already been implemented, the work will probably be unsuccessful:

First, you can not understand the nuances of the niche and the interests of the target audience.

Secondly, the lack of interest in the chosen field will quickly lead to the loss of motivation and the desire to release new content. Choose only those areas that are really relevant to you and that you want to explore in the near future.

2. Do not conduct tests and experiments.

Even with a large audience and good current results, in no case can we put the partner earnings “on stream”, only collecting the earned money at the end of the month. This vector of work will necessarily lead to failure in a certain period of time. This can happen even at the very start, for example, if you place an inappropriate product, you see a “bad” result and without trying to improve something, you will give up affiliate marketing.

Think of work as cooking. Eating a single dish every day quickly bored. Likewise with the content. We need to constantly look for new ways to advertise customers’ products.

Do not be afraid to experiment. Bad test results will be, but they will show in which directions you should not move. Positive results, on the contrary, will open up more opportunities and will increase revenue.

3. Make low-quality content

When we search for information, we prefer to choose resources that provide quality content. Beautiful pictures, high-quality images and sound in videos, a lot of numbers and useful data in articles. These and other parameters are fundamental for users when choosing a source on the Internet.

Affiliate marketing is the case when quality is more important than quantity. You can create mediocre content daily and receive, relatively speaking, 1% of the leads. Or release worthy materials once a week beat right on target, and increase leads to 10%. As a result, the volume of labour will decrease, income will increase, and the audience will get what they came for.

4. Rely only on traffic from search engines

Search engine traffic is good, but it is always low, as is the word of mouth effect. If you decide to do affiliate marketing seriously, search engines alone will not be enough.

Today there are a large number of areas with which you can attract the target audience. Use social networks: including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc .; Popular messengers: Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, videos on YouTube and other platforms.

The combination of all the tools used will increase the scale of the target audience and, accordingly, increase the final earnings from affiliate marketing.

5. Do not collect data and do not analyze the information received.

The collection and analysis of information should be a key part of the work. This is a process that allows you to climb a step higher and ultimately increase income.

The first step is to start analyzing competitors. The main task is to understand their advantages and do better. Pay attention to the shortcomings, solve them, offer the audience more high-quality content.

Also, regularly monitor your own statistics. Analyze your work, content, results, compare with previous months, improve the approach to creating materials.

It is important to understand that this is not a stage, near which you can put a tick and go further. No, this is a cycle that needs to be repeated constantly. The best solution will be the introduction of various tools that allow you to collect information, monitor it, analyze and create plans for further action. For example:

  • Create graphs in Excel and other editors based on tracked data to visually see the results of work;
  • Use teamwork tools if you already have a team (for example, Trello, MeisterTask, Planner, Slack, etc.).
  • The toolkit for the work is individual, so feel free to look for other methods of organizing activities.

6. Do not try new products and niches

A common mistake in affiliate marketing is looping on one topic or product. If you notice that something isn’t working with your niche, problems arise that you cannot get rid of or interest gradually fades away, try yourself in other directions.

If you do an excellent job with current products, optimize your work and discover new areas that may bring additional income. Often, the current niche can be linked to a new one and organize a larger network.

Working with new niches is one of the stages of the experiments described in the second paragraph, as well as their analysis, which we indicated in the fifth paragraph. Do not be afraid to try and improve your current results.

7. Spam partner products

Spam is the classic first step of most newbies trying to make money in affiliate marketing. It looks like meaningless posts on forums, websites or social networks, which are often moulded out of place, for which they are quickly deleted or ignored by users. In fact, this is one of the consequences of the third paragraph of this material.

Affiliate marketing involves a more subtle work with the audience. You need to choose the right approach and reach out to the problem, and not just throw an affordable solution or product in person, assuming that the person will immediately want to place an order.

Travelpayouts prohibits any type of spam. This applies to absolutely all products.

8. Expect huge and fast income.

Usually, you can quickly get income in two cases: if you have an audience and experience in affiliate marketing, as well as successful circumstances when the content used for advertising “shoots”. In other cases, income is the result of great work and long work.

If you want to earn vacation or a car in a month or two, this is not about affiliate marketing (with the exception of some of the situations described above). In this area, you first build the foundation and then use it to start earning.

9. Upset that you do not enter the top 10 and quickly give up

We have already indicated above that on your path there will be both ups and downs. At the same time, there will be more falls than takeoffs. One of the mistakes in arbitration is the reluctance to continue further after the first problems arise.

The lack of content in the top 10 search engines, in the ranking of popular or similar “tops” – this is not a sentence, but a task that needs to be solved and moved on. Use the toolkit to analyze your activity and study in which segments of work there are drawdowns, what is missing and what needs to be done to improve performance.

Do not be afraid to contact more experienced comrades who may indicate errors. This is a valuable experience that will allow you to overcome emerging obstacles. Use the tips, work on the shortcomings and be sure to come white.

10. Do not care about your audience and offer products that are not interesting to her.

There are several situations in which you can destroy the foundation that you have been building up for a long time:

  • First, start offering the audience, not relevant products or services.
  • Secondly, to advertise any services that are similar or fraudulent.

Regardless of the proposed remuneration, it is recommended to avoid them. This is a partner marketing mistake that even people with good experience make when they want to increase their current income.

Always remember that you systematically build trust with the audience. Reputation is hard to earn and easy to lose. Often, even one case of advertising of not relevant goods or dishonest services is enough for a total fall in trust. A profitable offer can ultimately cripple or completely destroy what you have been creating for years.

Ideal – to recommend what you use yourself. For example, you are an experienced traveller and you know that the cheapest flights can be found through Recommend your favourite service and earn on each ticket sold without fear of losing face in the eyes of your visitors.

How to avoid mistakes

Errors allow all. And you make them too. They cannot be avoided. Only the one who does nothing is not mistaken. It is important to be able to step over the problem, draw conclusions and move forward. Take a lesson from every mistake – your own or someone else’s, and then even the most annoying problems will become the most valuable moments in your life.

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