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The 6 Most Desirable Web Design Skills In 2018

Front-end developers and designers need to constantly keep upgrading their skills to stay ahead of the game. New updates to Google’s search algorithm or the rise of a new standard like HTML5 compel the whole industry to stay on the cutting edge or risk missing out. Signing up for a professional digital design course can be a great way to gain an edge over your competition.

If you’re a designer or developer, here are some of the most desirable web design skills for 2018 and beyond:

1. Automation

Automating some of the most mundane and complex aspects of designing a website could help you avoid bugs, reduce errors, and speed up the site. Most designers and developers are moving to programs like Gulp and Grunt to deal with all the grunt work of creating a web platform. These programs can help you minify CSS and Javascript on your site, optimize images, and boost web performance.

2. Javascript and AJAX

JS and AJAX are absolutely crucial for any back-end developer and useful for front-end designers. It’s probably the most versatile and widely used programming language in web development, and it is the only bonafide programming language that completes the 3 elements of a basic website alongside HTML and CSS.

AJAX on the other hand, isn’t a programming language but it can help you create fast and dynamic websites that don’t need to be reloaded for new data. According to a survey on StackOverflow, JS is still the most popular programming language for full-stack developers so if you’re trying to upgrade your developer skills this is the best place to start.

3. Motion UI

Boring, static websites are no longer enough. A bit of motion and animation helps bring the content alive. You will need to master JavaScript libraries and adopt flexible CSS patterns to your design to help make diagrams swivel, animated charts, and moving objects on your client’s site.

4. Responsive Design

With the millions of different smart devices and screen sizes that your work can be viewed on now, responsive design is as crucial as ever. Thankfully, making your websites responsive is a lot easier and more automated now. Combining CSS Bootstrap with a JavaScript framework such as AngularJS should help you make your sites more responsive instantly.

5. SEO

The recent rank RankBrain update to Google’s core algorithm integrates machine learning in the search engine. This new algorithm focuses on quality content and website usability, so every minute any detail of your design can have an impact on the site’s SEO. Expect to collaborate with the content creators and marketing department to make the website as smooth and fast as possible, so that the marketing investments pay off.

6. Web Server Admin

Problems with web servers and downtime are inevitable. You don’t need to be a back-end expert, but understanding how the web server and its basic features work will help you resolve problems quicker.

These are some of the most valuable and transferable web design skills you can pick up throughout 2018.

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